Restaurant Review: Mozza St Andrews

An entire pizza for one pound? Surely not. Surely there must be some mistake. The proprietor has either lost his mind or the price of cheese has tanked as badly as North Sea oil. St Andrews' newest purveyor of Neapolitan slices had arrived to shock and to awe with a well-timed fresher's week promotion. After grabbing the attention of the entire student population, Mozza was ready to lose its training wheels, shed the one-pound deal, and see how it stacked up to Domino's.

Well, friends, stacked up it has. Though it no longer clogs Bell Street with lines of students clutching single pound coins in child-like wonder, Mozza has consistently filled its generous space since opening, and has set itself up as St. Andrews' preferred pizzeria. Why? How? What's the secret formula? What does this plucky young David have to Domino's Goliath? To all of those questions, I offer a single answer: a wood-fired oven. The sheer glee one feels in watching one of Mozza's fine waitstaff escort a steaming, bubbly roundel of dough and toppings to your copper-topped table is hard to beat. You can't fake a wood-fired oven – these crusts are cooked perfectly throughout and are a feast for the eyes. To look down at a plate of Mozza pizza is to gaze from the heavens on a freshly-baked Alps, each blackened outcrop holding the promise of the perfect bitter compliment to the soft, warm valleys. Add to the crust a roster of well-selected and well-married toppings – thirteen options in all – and a healthy outgrowth of sides and drinks, and you have the Mozza menu. Jane Austen, begone. Away with you, Tolstoy! This menu is the finest written work in the past millennium.

The clean, modern interior offers the Mozza patron an unfussy but refined dining experience, and the tall windows allow one to see and be seen. Perhaps the pizzeria is the new opera? The service is friendly, the food makes it to the table in no time, but most importantly of all, they only charge you five pounds a pizza from Sunday to Friday. THAT IS ENOUGH TO SHARE BETWEEN TWO PEOPLE. TWO POUNDS FIFTY EACH FOR DOUGHY ECSTASY.

Get ye to Mozza.*


*This was not a sponsored post.