Profile: Gal Badihi

Name: Gal Badihi

Year: 4

Degree: Ecology and conservation

Hometown: Edinburgh

What is your role within your respective society?

I’m involved in the wildlife and preservation society; I’m the president. Basically we try to do fun events to get people involved in conservation and just appreciating wildlife. We do documentaries, some day trips, talks that kind of thing.

What do you like / dislike about your role?

What I like about it is that it gives me a chance to get really into the society, I’m involved in all the events, I get to meet so many people who are interested in similar things. The bad thing is chasing people up because I think its with any kind of admin role you spend a lot of time chasing people up for like various things because there’s the whole committee to organize.

How would you recommend our her campus readers get involved in (society)?

So we have an email that you can contact to be added to the mailing list. We send out an email every week. It’s [email protected]. You can do that or on Facebook we are quite active, we post all our events on Facebook. You can always contact us through FaceBook as well, I’ll be one of the people to respond to those messages.


Favourite book: The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo or Harry Potter

Favourite movie: Any David Attenborough

Favourite place in St Andrews: Lade Braes

Something on your St Andrews bucket list: The pier jump

Plans for the future/ dream job: Currently I’m applying for a masters here in psychology studying chimpanzees in Uganda so hopefully I’ll get to go for like six months, spend some time with the chimps, do some behavioral studies. I’m hoping to look at relationships between siblings and how that affects fitness or behavior or that kind of thing. Hopefully I want to go into conservation primatology.

Dream vacation: Hiking up some mountain in the middle of nowhere. I don’t care where. Just somewhere I’ve never been before, hiking.

Three things you can’t live without: My hat, my walking boots and my friends, I love my friends.

Guilty pleasure: Jonas Brothers. Me and my flatmate have a wee playlist.