Profile: Fly Smith

Name: Fly Smith 

Year: 4th

Degree: Neuroscience 

Home County: Sussex


Could you introduce the society you’re associated with and your role within it?

I am president - well now ex-president, we had our AGM on Monday - of Women for Women International, and we’re the St Andrews branch of the charity. The charity itself helps support women in post-conflict countries through year long programmes which teach them business skills, helps them to learn about their rights and also teaches them about their health and their mental health and the health of their children.


So on the ground in St Andrews, we just raise money, so we do lots of different events throughout the year to raise money for the charity and then we use the money to sponsor individual women. We get to write to these women that we are sponsoring to see how they are progressing through the course. 


Do you know how many? 

So at the moment we sponsor 96 women. Last year we were the chosen charity of the Union so we got $25,000 from them so we’re sponsoring 96, normally on average we sponsor 6 a year so it’s really cool. We’ve been trying our best to keep sending letters to all of them, but I have to say some of them have not gotten their letters yet. We’ve heard back from quite a few so that’s exciting. 


Where are these women? 

At the moment we’ve got women from Afghanistan, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo and KRI. But they also work in Kosovo and Rwanda as well. 



What do you like about your role? 

My favourite thing about my role is my committee. They’re just a really lovely bunch of girls who are very driven, passionate about the cause, and it’s just a delight to work with them. I wouldn’t normally have run for president of a society, I quite like to stay in the background, but I have been on the committee since first year and have just absolutely loved it. 


Any dislikes? 

The most negative thing is just the shear amount of follow up work and pestering you have to do. Generally making sure that things are done because everything comes back to you. We have a lot of events, we try and do about five or six a semester, so that works out to one every two to three weeks, so that can be quite a lot to keep on the go. 



How would you recommend our HerCampus readers to get involved in Women for Women? 

If you’re a member, we have open meetings which we try and do about two or three times a semester, so it’s a good opportunity to come along and see what we’re planning and what events we’re organising, as well as suggesting your own if you want to get involved in that way. We’ve just had our AGM for the next committee, but we also have an EGM next semester where we’re electing a post-grad rep and a first year rep. 

Also just coming along to our events in support of Women for Women. Coming along and seeing what we’re doing and coming to talks and bake sales, it all raises money and awareness for the society. 

We’ve got a Facebook page:  and an Instagram too so follow us on that!


Favourite book: ‘In Xanadu: A Quest’ by William Dalrymple. It’s like a travel book about the Silk road and his journey along that, following the route of Marco Polo. 

Favourite movie: ‘About Time’ the rom-com. I just think it’s really beautiful. 

Favourite place in St Andrews: I think probably the walk down Lade Braes towards Hepburn Gardens. 

Something on your St Andrews bucket list: I really want to see the Northern Lights.


Plans for the future/ dream job: So I’ve just been accepted to study medicine so that’s my plan and my dream job. 

Dream vacation: I think … Maybe recreating my book’s journey around India on trains. 

Three things you can’t live without: This diary (like a planner), my Audible account on my phone, my friends, I don’t think i’d get very far without them. 

Guilty pleasure: James Blunt