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Pit Bulls – The Face of Evil

With the recent ban of the entire pit bull breed in Montreal, I am so glad that attention is finally being drawn to this truly terrifying and dangerous type of animal. 

They shouldn’t even be considered domesticated for God’s sake! Pit bulls are wild and monstrous beings, capable of shredding a jugular at only a moment’s notice. 

There are lots of reasons the lawmakers gave for implementing the ban, and just one look at this breed lets you know that they were definitely in the right. 

Look at that face – the face of PURE EVIL. And it’s disgusting beyond belief, what with the shimmering blue eyes and tiny delicate paws and perfect little ears… Who would want this little one running around your house?  

Many have also said that pit bulls are unsafe for families, particularly those with small children.  

I mean, just look at that boy – he’s beyond terrified. And the dog! Someone restrain him immediately! 

But the main reason given was that pit bulls are vicious and are more prone to violence than other breeds.  

I’m shaken to my very core. The flowers must be poisonous… 

In short, all of this rhetoric surrounding the pit bull breed is entirely logical, supported by years of carefully documented research that represent the zenith of scientific accomplishment.

This sentiment is certainly not borne of an irrational fear and a misguided attempt to increase the safety of the population without understanding the abuse and suffering of a perfectly sound yet historically undervalued and abused breed. Sadly, pit bulls have been continuously involved in dog attacks, but is violence truly inherent in them? Do the owners who have abused these dogs, who have exploited them through dog fighting, who have sometimes left them for dead once their “value” was gone not share even the slightest amount of culpability? 

I suppose not, since Montreal recently implemented this ban, which was then later put on hold for “making no sense.” But even if Montreal has changed its mind regarding its policy towards these dogs, the general misunderstanding surrounding pit bulls continue to exist. Despite the continued efforts of people like Tia Torres, who runs a dog sanctuary in New Orleans, and Jon Stewart, a vocal supporter of the breed and the owner of some lovely pit bulls, the fear continues. 

It is time we stop this senseless prejudice. 

[Note: The flower-bedecked pit bull cuties are part of Sophie Gamand’s series. Check her out – the photos are absolutley stunning!] 












I am an American medical student at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. I have been an avid writer for several years, focusing mainly on creative writing. But I hope to be more involved in our university's culture, particularly by bringing interesting information to all of our students!
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