Nanowrimo Tips as Told by Cute Puppies (Part 1)

When we think of November, we think of autumn leaves, cold nights, and Thanksgiving. But for writers, November is the dreaded/anticipated month of Nanowrimo, an event where writers try to complete the first draft of their novel or write 500,000 words of it. I thought a list of tips for those lucky, weary participants would be useful this week, as told through adorable pictures of puppies :D

1. Keep your favorite snacks and drinks on hand, for energy. Some of my writer friends are pretty much only surviving on caffeine and sugar this month :P

2. Set a time to write each day and try to stick to it – this helps in creating a routine and also helps when on days when you feel stuck.

3. Give yourself a word count to follow every day, so even when you’re feeling discouraged, you know you’re still making progress. But if you have a few days where your word count falls short, cut yourself some slack! :)

4. Your total word count is important, but remember, the end goal is to get as much of the first draft done as you can.

5. 10-15 minute word sprints can be useful for when you’re stuck and looking for inspiration.

More tips to come! :)