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Molly Myers

Name: Molly Myers

Year: 4th Year  

Degree: History

Star Sign: Cancer

Hometown: Boise, Idaho

Molly, a fourth year history student, is in the final year of her joint degree from St Andrews and William and Mary. The William and Mary programme allows students to spend two years based in St Andrews and two years at the University of William and Mary in Virginia.  

Intending to follow her father to the University of William and Mary, she visited the college and discovered the programme. Because she had planned on studying abroad in college regardless of which institution she choose to attend, Molly decided to, in the immortal lyrics of Hannah Montana, get the best of both worlds.

Two sets of friends, two sets of tradition, and the opportunity to travel all over the world!

While in the states, Molly was a member of the sorority Gamma Phi Beta. Although she has mixed feelings about Greek life, describing herself as ‘not the most active,’ she likes the philanthropic activities of the sorority and the flexibility about involvement. In St Andrews, Molly has also participated enthusiastically in our traditions. Too enthusiastically in fact, having popped her ankle sprinting across the road in search of a porn magazine at Raisin this year. A drunk visit to the hospital ensued, and by the time of my interview, Molly has finally been able to remove her decompression sock!

She has used the opportunity of studying in the UK to visit Europe, citing Amsterdam as a particular highlight. Other locations of trips include: Belfast, ‘a place with a lot of history,' Lisbon, Spain, and England. Molly, with your fun stories of adventures and calamities - please stay in the UK! 

Quick Fire Round:

Favourite place in St Andrews: The Pier

Pet Hate: Chewing with your mouth open and people who walk really slowly on the sidewalk

Favourite night out: Dinner parties and getting ‘wine drunk’ with my friends and then going to the union

Favourite Food: Basil pesto on linguini pasta

Favourite Song: ‘Bones’ by Josh Record 

Guilty pleasure: Too much Nexflix

Dream travel destination: Uganda

Dream dinner party companions: Tina Fay, James Corden, and Meryl Streep

Celebrity crush: Harry Styles

Three things you couldn’t live without: Chapstick, computer, passport 

3rd Year History student at St Andrews
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