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Here at St Andrews there are many wonderful opportunities to play Cinderella, from September to May the social calendar is full of balls, from Opening ball, Christmas ball, Prohibition ball, Bongo ball, the list is never ending! With so many lovely events dressing up, going dancing and having a wonderful (and very sophisticated!) time could be a weekend occurrence. So when I decided to attended May Ball I did think that I had a slight idea of what the evening might entail, with the usual format of dresses, drinking, dancing and ending with the consumption of a delicious Janetta’s ice cream! However may ball was even better than expected, the perfect temperature of the warm summer evening  of last Sunday allowed the girls to finally show off their beautiful gowns without the need of a cardigan or coat.

Whether it was laughing on the dodgems, messing up our lipstick with ounces of candy floss or winning a lollipop at the blackjack table it was all incredible fun and an experience which I am looking forward to having again next year! 

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