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Josh Garlick

I think before I start writing this interview I have to confess to the rather unforeseen circumstances of how I came to interview Josh Garlick for Her Campus’ campus cutie of the week. I am afraid that Josh was not planned interview but rather my friend and I approached him whilst he was watching the golf to ask him whether he would mind being interviewed for five minutes. The fact that Josh says yes shows that we judged well in his campus cutie quality, but I think perhaps the truth is that he just really wanted to watch the golf in peace and make these girls go away!

Josh Garlick is a first year bio-chemist originally from Holmfirth near Huddersfield, Yorkshire. Josh decided to make the move up north due to his attraction he found to St Andrews on one of the open days. As well as his studies Josh is a keen swimmer, breast-stroke being his chosen stroke, and is part of the St Andrews male swim team. When asked about the commitment that being part of the swim team entails, Josh explained that he regularly swims in galas as part of the St Andrews team, having just competed in the finals of the British Universities & Colleges League which were held in Sheffield. As well as swimming Josh is also a keen golfer, taken advantage of the great golfing opportunities that we all know are found here in St Andrews. Josh lives in DRA, which he really enjoys telling me that he could not have asked for better accommodation though due to the proximity to town he and his friends especially appreciate the DRA bar! During summer Josh told me he is looking forward going back to his job as a lifeguard in Holmfirth, and before coming back for second year in September he hopes to go travelling in Europe with some relatives that are visiting from Australia.    

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