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How to win at Mother’s day


You have just arrived back home – sporting panda eyes, and that white ‘glow’ (or a ghost-like haunted pallor) from too many hours in the library. A look definitely accentuated by travelling hungover and a semester of junk food. You have been eagerly anticipating being mollycoddled and spoiled after a month of perpetual deadlines. Daydreams of Yorkshire puddings, clean sheets and not having to share a kitchen with four other monsters who are entirely incapable of clearing up the dishes have sustained you through ‘library hell.’

However, this Sunday, the 15th of March, (as you should probably know by now), is Mother’s Day. The one day when you are meant to treat your mum. Although – obviously – my presence in her life after several months away from home should be a treat enough for her… yet I still want to treat her. Or, more truthfully, I want to treat her better than my siblings. Here are a couple of suggestions about how to win at mother’s day this year, or at the very least, not to lose:

1.       Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed is always going to be a winner. The problem is that my mother rises so much earlier than me. Either I will have to send her back to bed, or, more realistically – I will just have to offer her a cup of tea. If you are feeling super keen, I would suggest either a classic English fry up, or Scotch pancakes. Check out this recipe from The Londoner, or copy the pancakes that her campus made a couple of weeks ago.

Bonus: lots of food for you also to enjoy.

2.       Buy flowers

Flowers are generic, but they are also beautiful. It’s a universal truth that you can never have too many flowers in the house. (Of course, unless you suffer from hay fever or any equivalent allergies). If you are feeling a little skint, wander out into the countryside and find some daffodils, they are sure to go down a treat.

3.       Make a card

Go old school. Get out the arts and crafts box (don’t pretend you don’t know where it went). PVA glue and fluffy pom-poms might not create the most sophisticated and artistic card, nonetheless it shows initiative and a personal effort. Your mother will be obliged to love it. If the thought of getting covered in felt tip pen doesn’t appeal, then buy a card. There are some interesting ones out there:

4.       Cook for her

Don’t stop at breakfast, continue treating your mother throughout the day. If you particularly want to impress, go for a roast. If this is too much, try pasta primavera or lasagne.

5.       Take her out to lunch

If cooking is not your thing, treat her to lunch. Go to her favourite local jaunt. This is going to be a winner.

6.       Go for a bonding countryside walk

Ramble over the hills and catch up after being separated for months. If you are not the talkative type, head to the cinema. My mother has been desperate to go to see the Shaun the Sheep movie for months, but so far we, the unaccommodating and unsympathetic children that we are, have – thus far – refused. This is the day to make her dreams come true.

7.       Bake a cake

I remember once, with my siblings, attempting to cook a secret chocolate cake for our mother. We wanted to keep it a secret, so we made it in the greenhouse! I would not recommend this strategy. Instead, in the warmth of your kitchen, make a beautiful cake. Check out one Bea’s recipes for inspiration, for example her lemon poppyseed cupcakes. #bakersgunnabake

Bonus: you get to eat cake.

8.       Buy her a present

Throw money at the problem. Get anything from Jo Malone. Everything in that shop emits luxury and class that you can’t go wrong with anything that you buy. For a more creative, and cheaper outlay, make her a mother’s day playlist, or get a Taylor Swift cd. Who doesn’t love Taylor Swift? (Author’s disclaimer: my mother is the only person in the planet who doesn’t actually know who Taylor Swift is. I am trying to educate her. It’s a losing battle.)

3rd Year History student at St Andrews
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