How to: get in to the Easter Spirit

Whether you are Christian or not, Easter is a seriously underrated festival and celebration.

So seriously underrated in fact, that the University of St Andrews seems to want to ignore it. Where is are day off for the Easter Bank holiday??

Nonetheless, here are some ideas for getting into the proper Easter spirit.

1.       Enjoy the flowers

One of the best things about coming home for spring break is the daffodils bursting naturally in the garden and lighting up the kitchen table… reminding me that the sun is out and spring is finally upon us. I had forgotten what it felt like to be warm. Although I must give a shout-out to my flatmate for purchasing some for me. Gracias.

2.       Gorge yourself on hot-cross buns.

They are seriously underrated as a food group. I know some people have an aversion to currents, but you can even have chocolate versions & they are so cheap! I have been known to eat six in one go… (no judgement ok, they are DELICICOUS). Here is a recipe worth trying out…

3.       Easter Eggs

What is Easter without Easter eggs? Being one of the multitude of those giving up chocolate for lent, I can’t wait for the big day. I just hope my mum doesn’t think I’m too old for Easter Eggs.

4.       Spring walks

If you are still in St Andrews, check out the snowdrops in Lady Braes, or visit the beautiful snowdrops at Cambo Estates. Get out, clear away the cobwebs; walks are amazing for physical and mental wellbeing.

5.       Arts and Crafts

Just because you are an ‘adult’ doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some good old fashioned Easter Arts & Crafts. I’m thinking painting eggs, lots of tissue papered items, and some sort of branchy, egg laden concoction. Ohh and don’t forget Easter Egg hunts!


Chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, chocolate nests. Need I say more?

7.       Lazing around on break

Even if we are not allowed to actually take any time off academically, Easter Sunday is all about lazing around; Sunday is the day of rest after all. I recommend finding a secluded sunny spot and enjoy a good book. The Shepherd’s Life: A Tale of the Lake District by James Rebanks is on my list for the next couple of weeks!

8.       Roasts

Let’s be honest. Celebrations and festivals are to a certain extent ALL ABOUT THE FOOD. Seriously, feasting was a big part of early modern Catholicism; this should not be forgotten. Enjoy a traditional roast, long walk – and a long snooze!

9.       Go visit a local farm/petting zoo

Baby animals? Yes please.

10.   Cake

Cake is always a good thing. And if you like marzipan, make a Simnel Cake, with the traditional 11 balls of marzipan. Here is a recipe from BBC Food!