HerCampus' Margaret Crawford

Name: Margaret Crawford

Year: 2nd year

Degree: Psychology and International Relations

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Role in Hercampus: Senior Editor and Writer   

What societies are you involved in in St Andrews? 

Women for Women international. I am a publicity rep. We fund about 100 women who live in post-conflict zones and we basically give them money to take educational courses in economics or business. It’s a one year long program that gives them the foundation they need to go out and do what whatever they want to do such as starting their own businesses.  

Favourite book: 

My current favourite book is ‘Call Me By  Your Name.’ It is beautifully written, takes place in Northern Italy in the 1980s, and is a love story in which sexuality and gender are questioned and redefined by the characters.

Favourite movie: 

My favourite movie is ‘The Breakfast Club.’ I didn’t watch it until I was maybe fourteen or fifteen. There’s no real plot to it necessarily, so it shouldn’t be an interesting movie, but I think that you find yourself in each character overtime you watch it, depending on the mood your’e in or the stage you’re in in life and that’s what I think I like about it. Every time I watch it i get something new out of it.

Favourite place in St Andrews? 

I like BrewCo on a rainy night. It’s nice and cosy. 

Something on your St Andrews bucket list? 

I didn’t do May Dip last year, and I know I need to do it. 

Plans for the future/dream job?  

I’d love to live in New York City, I think that would be really fun in my twenties or thirties. I don’t know if i have a dream job necessarily, but I’d love to somehow work in an industry concerning women and gender issues or with a non-profit, so I’ve contemplated going to law school after this or business school to give me a foundation to build off of. 

Dream vacation:

Thailand. The food and the culture seem really relaxed and pretty different from anywhere else. 

Three things you can’t live without: 

Amazon Prime, FaceTime, lip balm

Guilty pleasure:

A pint of Phish Food ice-cream.