HC Team Profile: Kirsten Scott


Name: Kirsten Scott

Year: 1

Degree: Social Anthropology

Hometown: Epsom



Book: H.I.V.E by Mark Walden

Movie: Crazy, stupid love / Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy

Song: Crazy Dream – Tom Misch

Animal: elephant

Place in St Andrews: castle sands

Sports Team: -----

Midnight Snack: chocolate crepes/ cous cous 

Quote: ‘(we) are all in the furious, messy, white-light act of self-creation, trying to invent a future (we) can be in.’ How to build a girl Caitlin Moran



Campus Activities: Either eating pancakes at Northpoint or selling my soul to the university’s early morning psychology experiments for cash

Plans for the Future: To end up working in a city with two majestic Great Danes: Mini and Micro

Study ‘Ritual’: Airplane mode, do non-essential work first.

Something on your St Andrews Bucket List: A pier jump



Relationship Status: looking to collect boy’s tears

Deal Breaker: plays rugby

Deal Maker: A baby face



Dream Job: Protector of the oppressed and ruler of the realm

Dream Vacation: Bora Bora

Celebrity Crush: Justin Trudeau amirite???

Secret Talent: Able to ingest several meals after dinner

Three Things You Can’t Live Without: wifi, dogs and a not so occasional bag of fries

Guilty Pleasure: One Direction

Dream Dinner Guests (5, dead or alive): Niall Horan, Amy Poehler, James Cameron, Mark Zuckerberg, Daniel Radcliffe