HC Profile: Carla van der Sluijs


Name: Carla van der Sluijs               

Year: 3rd

Degree: Russian and Comparative Literature         

Hometown: London 


Book: Burial Rites by Hannah Kent

Movie: The Great Gatsby (the Leo Di Caprio version)

Song: Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes

Animal: Pandas

Place in St Andrews: Aikmans bar (a pub that also serves homemade cake!!)

Sports Team: Washington Caps

Midnight Snack: Hula Hoops

Quote: ‘Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist’


Campus Activities: Theatre and dance.

Plans for the Future: A flat in London, a job in journalism, and a pet guinea pig in a hutch

Study ‘Ritual’: Going to the library at 10pm because during revision week it feels like the only time you’re guaranteed a seat!

Something on your St Andrews Bucket List: I’ve never done a Pier Walk because it looks kind of scary



Relationship Status: Taken!

Deal Breaker: If they can’t cope with my feminist rants.

Deal Maker: If they can cope with my feminist rants.



Dream Job: Theatre critic

Dream Vacation: A city break somewhere

Celebrity Crush: Benedict Cumberbatch 

Secret Talent: I know all the words to the Sugababes’ first 5 albums thanks to an obsession when I was ten years old

Three Things You Can’t Live Without: Dance, drama and my diary to schedule all that!

Guilty Pleasure: Made In Chelsea (I even go back and watch the early seasons!)

Dream Dinner Guests (5, dead or alive): Michelle Obama, JK Rowling, Emma Thompson, Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence (I’d never get a word in edgeways but we’d have a great evening)