Gifts 101

a.     Whether you are just looking for fresh gift idea for your family, want some new DIY crafts, or just need ideas for your stash of Christmas gifts on hand for when someone you weren’t expecting gives you a gift or if you forgot anyone when you were Christmas shopping, this list is sure to help!

i.       Families are hard to shop for. We would all love to get our families individualized presents that we know they will love, but sometimes it feels impossible. Here are a few ideas to make the decision process go more smoothly:

1.     Ask them what they want. Not in November, not in December, but in the summer over an iced coffee. If you ask someone in the summer  what they want for Christmas they will most likely be honest with you. Christmas is so far away that they don’t think you will actually shop for anything they tell you right then and their list will be actually exactly what they want. The things they will tell you off the top of their head are also the things they want most and haven’t/won’t get for themselves. This is the best way to provide you are a good listener because they will remember how you knew they wanted the gift when they open it, and it will make the gift that much more special.

2.     If you are normal you start thinking about shopping for Christmas on Cyber Monday. Shopping for yourself that is. By the time the second week of December rolls around, you are in the hustle of exams and starting to panic about gifts. Do not fret, just answer these questions:

·      For Mum: what is her inspiration - her happy place? No matter which place or activity you narrow in on, it will 100% have paraphernalia that goes along with it. Thoughtful gifts are all about making someone’s current lifestyle better, so go for something she wouldn’t buy herself. Mom’s work really hard so put together a bath basket that will force her to relax. You can buy bath salts or mix Epsom salts with dried lavender, throw in a new book, an itunes gift card for some new relaxing music, a new body lotion, and a bottle of her favorite wine. You just became her favorite child. She doesn’t like baths? Set her up with a pampering at a spa. Spa looking expensive? Put together some fool-proof products like pillow spray for restful sleep, a new product in a high-quality make-up line for her to try.