A Frugal Christmas

It is finally Christmas! The lights are twinkling and the mulled wine flowing and day by day I every morning as I pass our Christmas Tree I see presents slowly stacking underneath. Yet, although this fills me with great excitment it also brings on a sense of dread as I realise that having overspent during term I have only a few pennies to spend on presents for my rather large family! So rather than searching through all my old handbags hoping to find some last forgotten coins I have decided to take inspiration from pintrest and attempt to create some rather special gifts that are homemade for the all!

Here are a few ideas for creating unique gifts for your friends and family during this festive time! With a bit of imagination Christmas can be as expensive or frugal as you wish it to be! 

1. Bake Something

With television shows such as Masterchef and Great British Bake Off showing us that the culinary arts can be conquered by anyone, inspiration can be drawn for Christmas with simple recipes such as Victorian Sponge to a festive Chocolate Log. Impress all your family with a delicious present this Christmas!  



2. Get Crafty! 

With youtube tutorials and pintrest inspirational photos it has become increasingly easier to get craft ideas for wonderful homemade gifts to give your family this christmas! From knitting to painting there are a host of interesting crafts that can be used to create something truly unique which I am sure your family will love. Plus, if your family is anything like mine there are normally lots of materials left over from arty childhoods that are just waiting to be used!