Feeling (In)spiralized?

Ribbons of courgettes. Ringlets of carrots. Why is everyone obsessed with cutting vegetables into weird shapes?

Arguably the health food trend of 2015 was spiralized food. This included 'courgetti,' 'coodles,' and 'zoodles' – all of which sound like aliens from a CBBC programme. The internet has gone nuts for this fad which was largely popularized by bloggers such as Deliciously Ella, The Londoner, and Top with Cinnamon. Hemsley and Hemsley even have their own branded spiralizer.

The Hemsley sisters looking radient with thier spiralizer....

Clearly, coodles are not only cool but also are becoming mainstream: cherished lunch break expeditions to Tesco reveal ‘carrot spaghetti’ and ‘courgette spaghetti’ lining the aisles.

Having grown up with an entrenched and largely inexplicable loathing of spaghetti, I was intrigued by the promise of a filling and comforting alternative. Perhaps this new fad was the remedy to my spaghetti-less life. However, it soon became clear this was not the case for me and my flat. Admittedly, we are a bunch who love our food, and it has not been uncommon to take breaks between third and fourth helpings at flat meal but courgetti just isn’t filling by itself. It’s not the alternative to pasta I’ve been promised. These bloggers are lying to me! I need rice and bread – or dare I say it – pasta for a proper meal. I need carbs. Humans need carbs.

BUT, courgetti recipes are great for lunch or as part of a meal. Plus, they should get bonus points for versatility and for being so speedy to whip up. Try it out for yourself! Now, any ideas on the next food trend?