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Every Reason to Raid Mum’s Wardrobe this Season

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St Andrews chapter.

As the days slowly fade and the temperature drops to a biting chill, it is time to hang up light summer jackets and floral mini dresses with the long awaited return of autumn fashion. Whilst October marks the perfect opportunity to update winter wardrobes for many, I urge you not to march onwards to your closest shopping centre, but to instead take a minute to explore somewhere a little closer to home. With a rise in thrift shopping over recent years, it’s no wonder that many of us are now turning to our mother’s wardrobes to update our own every once in a while. Celebrities such as Kaia Gerber, Lily Rose Depp, and Damien Hurley have all been caught rifling through their mother’s clothes and reviving their most iconic red carpet looks. Whilst not all of us have the Hollywood glamour of red carpet dressing at our fingertips, the principle of revitalising our mother’s clothes is something to take forward for all occasions, and for good reasons too.

We are all aware of the sustainability crisis within the fashion industry, with each of us being held accountable for investing in clothing that will last, in an effort to avoid fast-fashion trends. Rooting through your mother’s wardrobe will expose you to clothes that have stood the test of time and are a true testament to quality. Not to mention, the options of reusing and upcycling these items minimises waste by giving clothes a new lease of life, rather than being thrown away in an annual clear-out. The joyous part is that not a penny will be spent, making the experience the most economical way to update your wardrobe for the season ahead.

‘Like mother, like daughter’ stands for far more than personality, many of us bear a likeness to our mothers as we reach the end of our teenage years. Whether it is the influence of her style, hair, or makeup over the years, it is incredibly common for daughters to shape their personal preferences, figures, and colourings, on that of their mothers, because more often than not what suits our mothers will suit us too. Be it through the compliments of shades, a flattering cut, or an expression of a shared quirk, our mother’s wardrobes are often the best tailored to our own tastes.

All in all, an afternoon of exploring your mother’s wardrobe is buckets of fun. It brings the thrill of thrift shopping to the comfort of your own home. You discover memories and stories tied to each garment, and the intoxicating feeling of imagining how each piece could become your own. Opening your mother’s wardrobe is truly the unlocking of childhood fun, transporting us back to hours of fun exploring mum’s makeup bag and trying on heels far too big for us. The clothes and shoes may now fit, but a word of warning – don’t be surprised if your mum starts delving into your wardrobe. The options for swapping items and constantly updating clothes, offering advice on pieces you have each worn before, are endless.

Whether it’s to save a few pennies, limit wasted clothing, or just for the fun of it – there’s no reason why mum’s wardrobe shouldn’t be your go-to label this autumn… just make sure to ask her permission first!

Katharine George

St Andrews '24

Katharine is the current Chapter Leader for the St Andrews chapter of Her Campus. She is currently in her final year at St Andrews studying Modern History and English Literature. She has interests in pursuing a career in journalism or publishing and has thoroughly enjoyed the experience she has gained writing articles for Her Campus. Her topics of interest include art and culture, campus news, wellness and the environment.