Delicious Dessert Recipes for Fall

Hey, St. Andrews! So it’s the middle of October, and we are officially smack dab in the middle of fall, and what’s better for a rainy autumn day than cozying up to a good dessert? So here’s a list of the best autumn desserts to make your mouth water this fall:

1. Pumpkin Nutella Crepe Cake

I mean, this combines two of my favourite flavors of pumpkin and Nutella with one of the best desserts, crepes, in cake form? What more can you ask for?

2. S’mores Brownie Pie

Autumn always brings up campfire memories, and nothing says campfire more than s’mores cravings – with a brownie middle and a marshmallowy topping, a s’mores brownie pie is the best kind of autumn pie :)

3. Apple Spice Cake

Every time fall comes around, I always want to go apple picking, but I’ve never had the chance. Next to apple picking, this apple spice cake is next best thing though, with tasty fruit chunks and cinnamon to compliment the flavor.

4. Mini Pumpkin Pies

The joy of a pumpkin pie in mini, bite-sized form? What more could you ask for?

5. Maple Sugar Cookies

It's not fall without cookies, and with the added bonus of maple syrup, this recipe turns me into the Cookie Monster! *glomps* 

6. Pumpkin Hot Chocolate

We all know hot chocolate is an all-year round drink, but what better to spice up your hot chocolate than pumpkin? :p