Cute Babies for When It Feels Like the World is Ending

It is almost the end of Independent Learning Week, and I for one do not feel even remotely relaxed. Unfortunately, I have spent the whole week studying for my mid semster examination come Monday, October 24, and my brain feels just about ready to explode from all of the information I have stuffed down it these past few days. However, it is during times like these that we must stop and remind ourselves of the good in life, and for me, I like to cheer myself with cute and silly gifs of various species of babies <3 Enjoy and I hope these help you like that have for me :) 

1. Cute human babies 

They are innocent and far too pure for this world. I'm in love and my ovaries are crying from joy. 

Better dance moves than I have today... Keep on killing it, babies <3 

2. Puppies! 

Dogs are truly the best creature on Earth - loyal, kind, strong, and naughty to a fault. 

They really are too precious...

3. Baby elephants 

Another flawless creation - where did humans go so wrong...?

I'm 100% the second elephant who just falls off and lies there in the dirt. Stay strong, elephant-version of me. 

4. Tiger Cubs

I'm so insanely jealous of people that have been able to physically hold a real tiger cub. Lord knows there are only a few months where you can cuddle with them before they are large enough and strong enough to kill you. This is probably my favorite - a cute tiger and an oragutan??? SO ADORABLE 

5. Baby SlothsEvery time I see one of these I want to start balling like Kristen Bell on Ellen.

Look at them with their fur and their eyes <3 <3 

My heart is so full and my mind is sufficiently relaxed. Hope these beautiful and perfect babies have brought a bit of joy to your day!