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Curvy Girls Guide to Winter Fashion

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I can’t imagine I’m the only girl over a Size 8 who gets a bit apprehensive about what to wear during the winter time. It seems like the trends are only getting to favour more oversized sweaters and low-rise jeans when all I feel confident in is high-rise jeans and possibly a cropped or tucked-in sweater. Which brings me to my point: what do I actually like to wear in winter?

High-rise Jeans

As I said before, one of my go-tos is high-rise jeans. However, not all brands fit my needs and standard, so I have dedicated the time to find a select that I can count on for size inclusivity and a curvy fit.

American Eagle Stretch Super High-Waisted Baggy Wide-Leg Pant  

I would say that they are decently well-priced for a good pair of high-quality jeans. I also have an inside scream on cue every time the only available pair of jeans is a low rise that can’t hold the tummy in. 

Old Navy Extra High Waisted Baggy Wide-Leg Non-Stretch Jeans for Women

I am obsessed with Old Navy! They were the first store that, as a curvy woman, gave me hope that there were jeans out there that could actually fit me well. So many “trendy” brands don’t have sizes over 8 readily accessible but Old Navy was kind of my starter brand to give me the confidence to look in other stores where my friends were shopping to see what they have for me. I’ve also really been wanting to try Good American jeans because they are so size inclusive but I just haven’t been able to justify spending 150-200 pounds on jeans when I could find some for as little as 30 sometimes at Old Navy.

square neckline top

Moving on from jeans, another one of my go-tos is a long sleeve square neckline top. I’m in love with a square neckline top to accentuate all of the things that make me feel more confident in my own skin. I found a great one off of Amazon for a more affordable price but also in a ton of colours. My personal favourite is the black one and I’m currently saving up to supply my closet with every other colour.

The brands FJUN, Cocila, and Elfin will all provide great square neckline tops at good prices, though each are slightly unique. 

Long Sweaters

And then I also love a good sweater even though some of them do make me look like a trash bag. Finding longer sweaters has been really helpful for the tuck in the bra trick or even just a centre pants tuck in. I don’t have any specific recommendations, though, because texture, pattern, and colour are so personal to what you prefer. 


Now, for boots! I have some horror stories of the pain I have received from boots ripping the sides of my calves to shreds. Some of my solutions have just been breaking them in, investing in long thick socks, and finding wide-calf-made boots. Keep an eye on the material and the formation of each pair of boots, remember, every brand is different and key is finding your perfect fit.

Get Inspired

Lastly, finding people with similar body type has been an in important part of my “curvy fashion journey.” One of my favourites is Remi Bader – a plus size model and influencer who does hilarious realistic hauls of her popular brands in what is “supposed” to be her size but doesn’t fit accordingly. She also has a whole Instagram highlight devoted to recommendations from her and her followers on where to find the best jeans, boots, and brands in general. In addition to receiving information and recommendations that can help you on your fashion journey, finding a sense of community and support is an added plus!

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