Caroline Explores the Best Brunch Spots Around St Andrews

Best Brunch Spots Around St Andrews

University thus far has taught me many useful things, such as who the catalysts were in the French Revolution, what the IS-LM curve is, China’s foreign policy goals, and the impact of globalisation on terrorism, etc. However, arguably one of the most important skills I have learned at St Andrews is outside the lecture theatre and instead in the cafe: the art of brunching. Whether it is to cure a hangover, to celebrate a birthday, or even capture the perfect insta, brunch allows students across St Andrews to indulge in the best (or at least in my opinion) meal of the day at noon. Luckily, St Andrews has you covered.


The Vic

1/3 nightclub, 1/3 pub, and 1/3 restaurant, the Vic definitely has a major identity crisis. While you might spend your nights enjoying the more obvious 2/3 of the Vic, the club and bar, why not return the next morning for a delicious hangover brunch? Once you get past the lingering smell of Sambuca shots, the Vic brunch menu is simple yet delicious. From eggs benedict to French toast to pancakes with bacon and syrup, you can eat here for usually just under six pounds. Just make sure you get there before 12:00!




If you’re a fan of eggs, definitely give Mitchells a go. Despite being under the same ownership as the Vic, Mitchells is more sophisticated and was definitely not hosting a wild outing the night prior. Indulge with scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, eggs benedict, or even eggs royale. If you want to keep things traditional, go with the full cooked Scottish breakfast, which will definitely ease your hangover pain. Make sure to get out of bed by 4:00 on Sunday to dine, otherwise make sure you order by noon all other six days of the week.







The slogan goes, ‘Where Kate Met Wills (For Coffee)’. However, I think the royal couple should have met here for pancakes instead. If there’s one thing that Northpoint specialises in, it’s its extensive brunch menu. From blueberry pancakes (my personal favourite), to toasted bagels, scones, filled rolls, and breakfast burritos, Northpoint truly has anything and everything you could possibly want in a meal, making it the ultimate location for a proper brunch. To sweeten the deal, you can get almost everything for under a fiver. Even better? They serve breakfast ALL day. My only complaint? More syrup please!




Cottage Kitchen

Quintessentially St Andrews, the Cottage Kitchen is a quaint cafe that radiates comfort and cosiness. Make sure you get there early to ensure nabbing a table to get a pot of tea and some cakes. With their menu changing daily, the Cottage Kitchen keeps you on your toes, yet never fails to disappoint with fresh jams, sausage rolls, cakes, and scones. Definitely choose the Cottage Kitchen if you’re looking for something light and fresh. What it lacks in space definitely makes up for the cosy atmosphere.