Campus Cutie: Maggie Goessler

Name: Maggie Goessler

Year: 3rd

Subject: International Relations

Hometown: Dallas, Texas


Why did you choose to study at St Andrews?

Oh this is embarrassing! Well I found out about St Andrews during the time of the Royal Wedding! So I applied as a joke and didn’t think I would get in. Yet, when I got in there was this voice in the back of my head that said you need to consider this! So I came to visit and absolutely fell in love with St Andrews. I had visited Scotland about five years before and absolutely loved it, so be careful about what you joke about as it might come true!


How are you involved in the St Andrews Community?

I am an ambassador, and I am also in the riding society, my aim this semester is to get more involved in the socials as at the moment I only go as I just love to ride horses!  


Who is you celeb Crush?

Probably Ryan Reynolds!


What is a unique fact about you?

I hate bacon. Which too most probably does not seem that unique, but I am from Texas!


What is your favorite holiday destination?

Australia, I went there over winter break and absolutely loved it!  


 How would you describe your style?

Preppy with a little bit of Western!


What is your favorite part about Scotland?

I love the Scots! They are lovely and hilarious.


What is your dream Job?

I have to say it is being a stay at home mom who teaches Yoga!


Where do you see yourself in ten years time?

On a ranch in Texas – I wish and hope! 


Favorite place to go out in St Andrews?

Probably the Vic, or the St Andrews Brewery.


Favorite coffee shop?

It is hard to choose! I love all of them but have a particular love for Northpoint.


Favorite weekend pastime?

I attend Conerstone Church on Sundays, so I would probably say church!