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Billy Trend

Name: Billy Trend

Year: 3rd year

Hometown: Norfolk

Degree: Computer Science

Star Sign: Sagittarius 


Billy has the sea in his blood, and perhaps the North Sea especially. Refusing to abandon its call, after living in its proximity all his life in Norfolk, he has migrated north to the Scottish waters of St Andrews. This enthusiasm is exemplified most especially by his love for sailing, having spent the summer working as a life guard on a boat patrol, the highlights of which included heroically rescuing some stranded beach balls and liloes as well as bravely burying a dead seal. Whilst at university, he is an active participant of the sailing club, and reflects that some of his favourite memories during his time here include racing weekends and sailing socials. Billy’s future aspirations also involve the water – dreaming of designing his own yacht/party boat – which would be fitted out with all the latest technology, including a superfast internet connection, a triple monitor (what about the sea views) and an awesome audio system.

Although a little guarded about his social antics – (what is he hiding?), Billy cites the Lizard as his favourite night out because he ‘appreciates the music’ and, like Ian the Lizard’s famous DJ, is fervent fan of Taylor Swift’s music. Living in Scotland has apparently been ‘life-changing’ because, when tipsy, he no longer attempts to speak French, but now goes for a broad Scottish dialect.

Billy is shortly to be heard blaring out of the Star Radio, with plans in the pipeline for a ‘Talk and Cheese Radio show’. He describes the music the show is planning as ‘alternative, but popular’ and that he thinks the show will be successful because of ‘The Chat.’ Tune up, ladies. 


Quick Fire Round:

Would you rather be able to talk to animals, or be able to speak to all foreign languages?

Speak all foreign languages. I don’t think that animals would have anything interesting to say.

Dream travel destination?


Favourite place in St Andrews?

The bit on the end of the pier at the top.

What would you do to impress a girl?

I would use my natural wit and charm. I can also play the piano.

Biggest fear?

Jellyfish. They have no mercy and don’t distinguish between threats and non-threats. They are naturally evil.


3rd Year History student at St Andrews
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