Adorable Puppies to Motivate You for Revision

​Revision is here and it sucks. As the title states, here are some adorable puppies to cheer you up and get you going for revision :) 


1. Feel the Zen, Be the Zen. 


2. ...or embrace the jitters :P 


3. And if someone else is zen, be sure to disturb them as much as possible. 


4. Either way, rememer to always shake it off :) 


5. Now you're ready to go!


6. Be sure to enter the library full of style - it's the little things that count during these trying weeks. 


7. And find your friends! Friendship is key to getting through this. 


8. But when you finally settle down, it's time to really get to it! Get to studying! Defeat those notes!


9. And when the going gets tough, the tough call their mums and dads. You know, certified adults who should be able to help with adulting. 


10. At the end of the day, go to bed feeling proud - you've accomplished so much, you beautiful pupper :) 

Happy revising! Stay cute and cuddly, St Andrews <3