Adeline Um from the Accidentals chats to Her Campus...

Adeline is a first year member of the fabulous girl group, The Accidentals. We fired off some questions to her about her favourite moments with the group, the Scottish a cappella competition, and the seriousness of competition that is the a cappella world…

What can the audience look forward to most about your performance?

I think that the Accidentals have an incredible and diverse set this year and I think that I can speak for the other girls as well when I say that not a single rehearsal goes by where we aren't enjoying ourselves! That being said, I know that every group is going to bring it this year, so I think that the audience can look forward to the crazy amount of talent and energy that each group will bring. 

What has been your favourite moment with the Accidentals?

Every member of the Accidentals has such a love for singing. It is such an honour to perform on stage with such talented, passionate, and encouraging girls. Also, all of the girls in the group are super close and I think that that makes a huge difference in performances and competitions because it makes singing with them so much more enjoyable. All in all, I don't think that it is possible for me to pin a moment with the Accidentals that was the "best" moment because there are far too many of them!  

Any embarrassing moments?

I don't think I really have an embarrassing moment yet!

Who do you think is your biggest threat at this years’ competition?

Honestly, the standard for each group is always so high and, therefore, every group is competition for us! It's hard to pin which group could be our "biggest rival" because all of the groups have so much potential and bring new cards to the table every show. I look forward to seeing every group perform because watching a cappella is generally one of my favourite things to do! 

What type of ‘vive’ are the Accidentals going for this year?

We chose pieces this year that are sassy and empowering. I think that the Accidentals own the all-girls group vibe and we are ready to bring it and give it everything we've got! 

Which group has the best choreography?

Again, the standard that each group holds is incredibly high. You will definitely have to come and see for yourself who has the best choreography! 

Come along to see Adeline and the rest of the Accidentals perform at the Scottish A Cappella Concert taking place on Friday evening.