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7 Hilarious Things Students Said About Raisin on the Overheard Page

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St. Andrews chapter.

Oh, Raisin: the only time that it’s acceptable to wear a neon cone on your head while singing in a public fountain. Every October, Tesco sells out of shaving foam, and St Andrews students sell their souls to their academic parents for a day. Will you have to bob for apples in a kiddie pool filled with vodka? Will you have to jump into the North Sea naked? Nobody knows, and that’s half the fun of it. Here are some things that students had to say about Raisin in the past that are guaranteed to make you smile. 


1. This Entertaining Remark

Living up to our stereotype, one Barbour jacket at a time.


2. These Tourists That Just Didn’t Get It

Let’s be real, they were American golfers.


3. This Worrying Statement

The sexual health clinic is open every Friday afternoon, my friend.


4. This Distraught Fresher

She was probably from the south of England and missing Waitrose, tbh. 


5. This Realization That’s Way Too Real

Don’t worry, honey; you’ve got three more years to practice. Your dreams aren’t over yet.


6. This Brutal Mentality

It’s like the Hunger Games with shaving foam.


7. This Clever Child

Also see: “I can’t have vodka because of my gluten intolerance.”


Whether you’re revenging or being revenged this Sunday, your weekend is guaranteed to be a good time. Make sure to drink plenty of water and fill up on carbs (Zizzi, anyone?) before you start drinking. Happy Raisin!

Jody is a third-year English major with a weakness for nut butter and trashy reality television. Her talents include writing, food photography, singing the alphabet backwards, and laughing at her own jokes.
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