5 Creative Ways to Celebrate Easter!

5 Creative Ways to Celebrate Easter!


For those of us who wish to spend this Easter weekend back home with friends and family and happily consuming a disgusting amount of Easter eggs whilst lounging on our sofa, Her Campus St Andrews has some tips in how to make this Easter in St Andrews the best yet! Instead of feeling sad about missing your family Sunday roast or the infamous Easter egg hunt in your garden take up some of our ideas and treat your housemates by creating a unique Easter of your own, and one that they will never forget! Happy Easter everyone!



With the sheer quantity of Easter eggs tempting us in Tesco, and the fact that St Andrews terms time have decided to completely ignore this holiday it sometimes is easy to forget the true meaning of Easter. If you feel like joining in the celebration have a look at the Sunday morning services that are running this Easter around St Andrews, particularly the at the University Chapel St Salvators which is always a beautiful service!


Throw an Easter Lunch for Your Friends

This coming Easter weekend is also a fantastic excuse to gather all your friends and play hostess! Even if you think that a full roast with lamb with the entire trimmings is slightly out of your culinary comfort zone, ask your guests to all bring a dish and then upon their arrival you would have accumulated a full meal of deliciousness! Pick up some £1 daffodils from Tesco’s to make it truly feel like Spring! 


Head to a Calvary

Her Campus feels your frustration that although you would love to throw down the books and immerse yourselves into Easter festivities term still continues and thus deadlines are still looming. So why not avoid the library café for a day and spend your lunch break enjoying a full roast at one of the delicious cavalries around town? The Dolls House, Forgans and Mitchells all have scrumptious Sunday roast deals, and even the restaurant at the Byre Theatre is hosting a pop-up cavalry especially for Easter!


Create an Easter Egg Hunt

If you are feeling nostalgic for excitingly searching for what the Easter Bunny has left behind in your garden why not recreate the magical childhood experience for your friends! With those of us lucky enough to have a garden scatter some colourful eggs around and let the scavenging begin, or if a flat is only what is at your disposal why not leave a few clues for your housemates to find leading to the chocolate!


Take a Long Beach Walk

If your family is anything like mine it is a yearly tradition to embark on a long walk in the afternoon of Easter Sunday in an attempt to lower our blood sugar levels from all the Easter eggs we inhaled that morning! With the beautiful East and West Sands at our disposal why not have a study/feeding break and take up the opportunity to have a long walk along the sea and get some much needed Vitamin C!