10 Things Drunken You Thinks Are Still Okay for Adults to Do

Having stumbled across an article entitled: ’10 things that were acceptable to do as kids but aren’t as adults’ written for HerCampus. I was transported back to a time of innocence, balloons and laughter, a time that was many moons ago when I was only yeigh high.

Upon reading it, you too might hark back to a time where you were too young to know better, too ignorant to realise the social implications of your actions.

But then I got thinking. The list was startlingly familiar for … alternative reasons.

If you’ve ever attended a student led party you’ll know what I mean. As an anthropology student the scene is a fascinating one, with students reverting back to their child-like alter egos, beings with no care in the world or regard for social acceptability.

Ironically, it seems that it is our sudden release from the nest of home into the freedom of university life that stimulates an urge inside us all to become objects of complete dependence and zero self-reliance once again.

What I’m trying to say is that the now socially unacceptable behaviour we displayed as kids seem to lie almost exactly parallel to the behaviour of students emerging out of their flats after their inevitable pre-pre and then pre drinks.

Don’t believe me? See it for yourself.

1. Fall asleep literally anywhere

2. Make weird food mixtures 

@ food that only tastes like it was handed to you from God itself when you’re smashed.

3. Throw tantrums when you hear “no"

We all know that one person that cries when you try to tell them they’ve had too much to drink, or that there are no chips left, or that they can’t get into the club. The list is endless.


4. Be Brutally honest

Now is definitely the time to tell an ex how you really feel about their new partner. 

5. Constantly ask Mum and Dad for money

Drunk you does not have a firm grasp of basic economics. Drunk you does have a credit card though.  

6. Get naked in public

I’ll spare you photographs. You know the deal. 


7. Eat junk food all day

In combination with number 2, a hangover cure for the day after means you’re well on your way to that Summer bod you always wanted! 

8. Pick apart food

IDK about you but I once witnessed a friend throw a slice of bread offered to her in good faith across a room because “I don’t like bread”. No messing about.  

9. Go to bed at before the night has begun When the sun goes down the drinks come out and boy is this an issue in the wintertime. Needless to say an early pre ensures an early (albeit unintentional) bedtime. 


10. Remain ignorant to the real world​ There are no essays if you’ve forgotten you have essays right? 

Drink wisely, St Andrews :)