Worst Things SPU Girls Have Done To Their Ex's

I sent out a blast of messages to the girls at SPU and asked them what is the worst thing that they have done to their ex’s after the break up. All of the responses will remain anonymous as promised. Below, you can see the responses where they tell the hilarious, the sad, the ugly, and the typical.

What is the worst you’ve ever done to their ex after the break up?

1. Well first off, he was a horrible boyfriend, I’m not crazy, he just drove me to be crazy. Anyways, he always left his car unlocked so me and my friend went to the store, bought a dead fish and just popped that sucker in his car.

2. My roommate and I went to her ex’s house for a party and she flirted with other guys so much that her ex got so mad, punched a huge hole in the wall, and lost the security deposit for the entire house.

3. Well we used to live together. He cheated on me with one of my friends, and so I put Nair hair removal in his shampoo and dipped his toothbrush in the toilet.

4. When I gave him the few things of his that he had at my house, I also made sure to take down all the lovey-dovey and sexy pictures I had of us in my room and give it to him so he had to look at them. I didn’t need to think about those and look at those anymore.

5. On Valentine’s Day, I beat the shit out of a heart shaped piñata with his name on it.

6. I feel like it’s pretty normal, but I just stalked all of their social media for a while to see if they were dating anyone new.

7. Even though I wasn’t dating these guys, I always put up pictures with my hot guy friends on social media, so he wasn’t sure which guy or if I was dating anyone.

8. Nothing really, we just stopped talking.

9. I dated one of my exes close friends, but it was only because my ex started talking mess about me.

10. I have never admitted this before, but I made up that he had STD’s so the girl that the several girls he was cheating on me with thought they had STD’s too.

11. I feel awful about this, so let me preface it with that first. I was pretty lost after we broke up and I held onto anything that reminded me of him. While we dated and even after we dated his friends became my friends and vice versa. I got really close with his best friend especially after we broke up. I really liked hanging out with him because honestly he reminded me of my ex. One night after a little too much alcohol, we hooked up. He had just broken up with his girlfriend of a long time and I had just broken up with my ex. I felt awful and we both knew it was wrong, but it made us less lonely, and even though we knew it was a bad idea, we continued to see each other in secret. The worst part is we both didn’t even like each other it was just to fill a void. Of course, he found out, and of course, it tore him to pieces. “Sorry” didn’t cut it, and I knew it wouldn’t. I destroyed him and I felt awful. I wrote him letters, left him messages, and did everything I could think of to apologize, but still to this day he hasn’t forgiven me, and honestly I don’t blame him.

12. Even though some of my ex’s were awful, I have never sabotaged any of them.

13. One of my friend’s pooped on my ex’s lawn, but actually we were still dating then. 

14. Maybe just a few passive aggressive Facebook status’s and Tweets.

15. We weren’t together for very long, but I texted the last fling I had literally five minutes after me and my ex had officially broken up.

16. We had a long break up in person where we both cried and held each other because we both knew that it was the right thing to do. The break up was sad, but mutual. We decided to be friends and went out and got lunch together as “buddies”. We high-fived before saying good-bye because we weren’t sure what else to do. Then we hooked up in his car because technically it was the same day that we had broken up, so I mean really, it doesn’t count…

17. I told people that I thought he was gay, but then he came out a year later, so that was awkward.

18. I just got with my next boyfriend really soon, but I don’t think I did anything really bad to my ex.

19. Well this made us break up, not necessarily after we broke up. But while I was dating this guy, his crazy ass “bff” (who was a girl) was trying to make it seem like I was talking to other guys and not interested in the guy I was dating at the time. She posted on Facebook saying something along the lines of “its funny when only one person thinks they’re in a relationship when clearly they’re not”. I know it was about me because she was always manipulative in our relationship that wasn’t hers. I saw my boyfriend liking it. I screenshotted her post, took a screenshot of my messages with my boyfriend on our conversation of how we are together and official, and posted it on every social media platform and made a snarky comment that I don’t remember. Then we broke up because of that…

20. When I found out my ex was seeing another girl, we talked in his car and I looked like I was finger combing my hair but really I was pulling piece of my hair out to leave in his car, so the new girl he was dating would know that I was there.