Voting as Womxn for Womxn

Vote, vote, vote. It's plastered over social media, billboards and ads on our phones. It has never been more obvious that the 2020 election is a pivotal moment for Americans. Climate change, equality and healthcare hang in the balance for the next president. Will the president make a change to limit carbon emissions and prevent forest fires? Will the president address and change systemic racism throughout America? Will there be a change to Roe v. Wade?

More than ever getting out the vote is of beyond importance. In Washington State voting has never been easier. Since 1983, special elections have been conducted through mail-in voting. It wasn’t until 2005 where the vote by mail option was made a law. Washingtonians were able to vote by mail or head to the polls to conduct their civic duty. In times amid COVID-19, voting by mail has become all the more relevant in order to stop the virus from spreading.

Before heading to the polls or casting your vote via mail in the 2020 election there are a few things that must be done. The first step is to register to vote, which can be done at This step is easy to complete before October 20th, 8 days before the election. By doing so, this guarantees Washigntonians 18 or older a ballot to be sent to them before Nov. 3. For some counties in Washington, early ballots may be sent, and it is that much more important to vote early.

Although the majority of students at Seattle Pacific University are from Washington, there are also a handful of students from California, Colorado, Alaska, Hawaii and Oregon all with their own deadlines for absentee and regular registration. You can head to to check out the policies in all 50 states.

In a democratic free country, voting is our opportunity to choose who represents us. It is an opportunity to voice our opinions. With 26 days left until Election Day, start educating yourself. Washington state voters should have received the voter’s pamphlet, outlining stances and policies of the candidates for the 2020 election.

For young womxn at Seattle Pacific University, voting is essential. The 2020 election has the weight to effect change in the America we know now. The youth vote is important now and always will be. And remember, if their profile says “non-voter” on a dating app, swipe left.