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Virginia Mosoreti

Year: Freshman

Major: Business Admin

Hometown: Spanaway, WA


Describe your family

“Loud! Very loud! They are so energetic. I come from a big Moldavian family so our culture is very important to us.”

Relationship status:


Favorite part of being an SPU student:

“This sounds super cheesy but I really love the community here. Everyone, the students and the professors, are all so kind.”

Favorite food: “Pasta”

Something that makes you who you are:

“The biggest thing that makes me who I am is my humor! I think my personality is really key to who I am. I am always sarcastic and cracking jokes!”

Favorite things in your closet:

“My Nikes. They go well with everything and are so comfortable for walking around campus. I love the sneaker trend because of how practical it is. I also love skirts! I wear them all the time because of how easy they are to dress up or down.”

Ideal job:

“I would love to run a non-profit company and give the proceeds to childhood cancer research and to families who can’t afford chemo for their children.”

Guilty pleasure:

“Sweets! I couldn’t live without dessert!”

Piece of advice:

“Oh man this sounds so corny! No matter what you’re going through, go through it with a smile and know that things will get better.”

Five songs you can’t stop listening to:

1. Youth by Troye Sivan

2. Marvin Gaye by Charlie Puth

3. Don’t Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers

4. No by Meghan Trainer

5. My House by Flo Rida

Goal for spring quarter:

Get good grades to keep my GPA up. I want to apply for my major next year so my GPA is very important to me right now.





Sarah Maberry is a fashion writer based in NYC. She is graduating in 2019 with a dual degree in Fashion Business Management from FIT and Apparel Design and Merchandising from Seattle Pacific University. Sarah started her writing career at the SPU Chapter of Her Campus and has since worked with various publications for event coverage and style writing. When she isn't busy writing she loves running, watching That 70's Show, and finding the best $1 pizza in Manhattan.
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