Vibe with Aesthetic Playlists

Just like many of you likely are, I am ecstatic that spring has arrived in Seattle! The future is full of glorious sunny days that require music to daydream with. So I created a playlist that was inspired by spring and a mix of cottage core and romantic academia elements. Picture yourself laying on a picnic blanket in a sundress surrounded by wildflowers listening to these beautiful songs... 

emma’s ethereal & romantic spring playlist 

The Last Unicorn - America  Old Money - Lana Del Rey  Mystery of Love - Sufjan Stevens  Achilles Come Down - Gang of Youths  Dance for Me Wallis - Abel Korzeniowski  Once Upon a December - Emile Pandolfi  Aldebaran - S.A. Karl  Amore mio aiutami - Piero Piccioni  Waltz of the Flowers - Tchaikovsky  Salvatore - Lana Del Rey  Experience - Ludovico Einaudi  Swan Lake, Op.20, Act 2:XI. No.14 - Tchaikovsky  Planetarium - Justin Hurwtiz  Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron & Wine  Serenity (O Magnum Mysterium) - Ola Gjeilo  Sirens - Emile Waldteufel  Persephone - Tamino  Realm of Hope - Jonathan Segev  Sonata No. 14 in C-sharp Minor - Beethoven  Alone at the Lake - Claude Signet  The Sound of Music - Charmain Carr, Heather Menzies, etc. The Night We Met - Sarah and Michaila Cothran  Walking Through the Garden - Zbigniew Preisner

I picked some of these songs from movie soundtracks like Anastasia, The Secret Garden, The Last Unicorn, La La Land, Call Me By Your Name, and so on. However, a lot of these songs were also picked from a genre of aesthetic youtube playlists! 

If you like aesthetically based playlists I would encourage you to check out the channels “Ivoryyy” and “Oliviaalee” on youtube. They both create playlists for every type of mood or aesthetic you could imagine, and include creative (and sometimes heavily dramatized) titles to bring them to life. 

Some of Ivoryyy’s are:  “Lying in the Ruins of Greece”  “Searching for lost souls in an old library” “Dancing through the hidden Garden, an ethereal playlist” “I told the stars about you, dark academia playlist” “Down the rabbit hole, a dream core playlist”  “I can’t talk right now, I’m doing hot girl thingz”

Some of Oliviaalee’s are:  “A playlist for old money living in the french countryside, light academia”  “A playlist for depressed poets, dark academia” “You’re a ballerina dancing with a ghost in an abandoned theater, dark academia x royal core”  “A pride and prejudice playlist, regency era”  “You’ve fallen into the starry night painting”  “You’re the rich kid in an early 2000’s movie (a y2k playlist)” 

Even within these limited lists there are so many kinds of playlists to choose from! They are so much fun whether you are studying, laying in the sun, on a walk, or on a long drive. I encourage you to have fun with it and dive into the world of aesthetic playlists!