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As the upcoming winter season is approaching and we head back home, hauling all your clothes back and forth can get to be quite a drag. Here’s a small list of a few key pieces that are must-haves for this upcoming winter to make your packing easier.

  1. A good pair of Jeans

Whether you are traveling or just going on a winter adventure in the city, a pair of jeans that you feel comfortable in is a must-have. Jeans can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and if you live in a place where it gets cold in the winter, like me, you can always add a layer underneath for some warmth.  

  1. A black turtleneck  

My black turtleneck is one of my favorite pieces. It’s so versatile, and I love to pair my turtlenecks with a cute crew-neck or scratchy grandpa sweater. It can also be a great base to layer in the winter or worn alone if you are going for something more classic and simple. 

  1. A pair of black pants or corduroys  

While jeans are a classic staple, having another pair of pants to add some variety is nice. Personally, I love a good pair of black pants. My brown thrifted corduroys also always bring me joy and are so comfortable, so if you are looking for good neutral pants I would definitely recommend some caramel brown corduroys. 

  1. Sweater vest 

A sweater vest is the perfect thing to pair with a white button-up shirt or a cozy sweater. This piece can go from day to night depending on how you prefer to style it. Add some cute gold jewelry and a nice updo and you have a clean put-together look that can fit most occasions. 

  1. Sweaters 

I am a sucker for a good grandpa sweater. This oversized piece always makes me feel at home and cozy wherever I am. Sweaters are super easy to find secondhand and can add texture to any wardrobe. If you are not a sweater person, a comfortable cardigan is a great alternative. You can add a simple tee or a tank top under a cute cardigan and still be warm and stylish in the winter months. 

  1. Overalls 

Some cute oversized overalls are a great winter staple. You can put any sweater under them and have a cute quick outfit. I like to wear my overalls with a hoodie and some Doc Martens. I always feel put together and ready for the next adventure in my overalls. 

  1. Boots

As the weather gets colder, having a good pair of boots that is ready for any kind of weather is a must. I have a pair of weather-proof Doc Martens that I wear with almost every outfit. Add to an outfit with some colorful socks for something extra.

  1. A long coat 

Something I didn’t know I was missing in my life  was  a coat that goes down to my shins. I didn’t realize how much heat was escaping from my body until I got a long coat myself, and it changed how I felt about the winter months. You can pair this coat with any outfit; as long as you are warm that is all that matters. 

  1. Sneakers 

If the weather isn’t too bad and the ground is dry, I love to pull out some cute sneakers to make outfits a bit more casual. Nike and New Balance have some great sneakers that can make any outfit have a streetwear vibe if that is what you are looking for. 

  1. Accessories 

In my opinion, accessories elevate any outfit. Mixing metals or adding some rings can make any outfit look put together and well thought out. Shopping locally for some staple earrings or a cute hat to keep your head warm in the chilly weather are great ways to elevate a look. I also love a cute hair clip or some woven socks to take my outfits to the next level. 

  1. Button-up shirts

Last but not least, my favorite thing in my wardrobe are my flannel button-ups. My shirt-jackets, as I like to call them, are the perfect thing to wear with jeans or over a hoodie. You can half tuck them in or wear a cute tank top underneath for a warmer day look. A good flannel or a corduroy button-up gets me excited for the winter season. 

I hope this list of all my favorite Winter pieces can help you start to make a packing list as you head home for the holidays. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to winter fashion, but if you are looking for a more neutral versatile wardrobe, these pieces are perfect for you. 

Hi, my name is Emily! I am a first-year at Seattle Pacific University. I love the outdoors and photography. I am originally from Colorado and am a Marketing Major. I joined Her Campus to be a part of something greater than myself and write about things that inspire me.