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Top 5 Worst and Top 10 Best Fictional Men

Recently, I started a new job. While I’m there, I have a little free time to think about random things in my mind. Last Monday, I thought about what I would do if Harry Styles walked into my office right then. The following Wednesday, I thought, “biscuits and gravy is just wet flour poured over dry flour”. However yesterday, I thought of something a little more profound: how would I rank some of my favorite and least favorite fictional men?


5. Edward Cullen- The Twilight Saga

I know I’m going to get hate for this one but I have to say it. Leaving Bella without giving her a complete explanation is toxic and hurtful. Also, being frustrated with her for turning to her best friend, Jacob, when she was alone and needed comfort is the most frustrating thing EVER. He could have had some trust in her and he could stop acting like a cry baby ALL THE TIME. 

4. Jacob Black- The Twilight Saga

Don’t think that Jacob is getting off without a scratch. He is also a VERY manipulative person who is way too shirtless in those movies. He expected too much of Bella when she especially pointed out how she saw him as a brother. He taunted Edward and continued to stir the pot when he had no right into Bella’s personal life. Plus, he has such a punchable face. 

3. Gatsby- The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Although people will see what he did for Daisy as “chivalry”, I see it as another form of manipulation. He promises Daisy that she will have a better life with him now that he is rich; however, didn’t she fall in love with Gatsby when he has nothing? Why does he not trust her judgment in the sense that she can love someone for their personality? He also lied to her about how he received all his money. Then, he gets frustrated when Daisy chooses her already established family and her child over living a life of scandal with Gatsby. 

2. Christian Grey- 50 Shades of Grey 

Christian Grey is the walking definition of a red flag. Recently, I watched the movies to understand why women love him so much. However, I was in shock at how manipulative and demanding he was of Ana. He knew what pushed her limits and emotions and then, still, continued to do them. Ana had an emotional attachment to Christian and he knew that. Christian used Ana’s emotions against her and, somewhat, did things without her consent. Overall, he is such a bad person that I cannot stand to watch those movies again.

1. Peter Kavinsky- To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

I cannot tell if this ranking is because of my overall hatred for Noah Centineo or if it’s because of how Peter acted in the most recent TATB movie. But, Peter is probably the worst man I have ever seen. He “knows” that he is too good for Laura Jean in the first movie and is still willing to pretend to be her boyfriend. He acts like he is better than everyone, including John Ambrose, and makes Laura Jean feel like she is making a mistake in every action that she does. In the last movie, he tries to convince her that instead of going to her dream school, she should follow him to college, which is unacceptable. She was already feeling anxious about going to school with him and then he makes her feel like he won’t love her if she does not go. He abandons Laura Jean when she is debating her future and emotionally damages her for the rest of the movie. Until, somehow, they get back together. Bad move Laura Jean. Bad move.  


10. Westley- Princess Bride

Growing up, watching the Princess Bride was a regular occurrence. So, when I grew up, I obviously developed a crush for the main love interest, Westley. “As you wish” is a way for me to see how much a guy likes me. If he is willing to fight off ROUSes (Rodents of Unusual Size) to protect me, then he is the one!

9. Jamie Fraser- Outlander

This one is pretty basic but for a good reason! While being strong physically, he is also strong emotionally and is not afraid to let his wife, Claire, be the woman she is meant to be. Not to mention the sexy Scottish accent and the fiery red hair. AND THE BACK MUSCLES!!!

8. Indiana Jones- Indiana Jones

Ok, hear me out. This one may be a little obscure but hang in there. He is a man who not only has a stable income- being a professor- but he also loves to travel! He collects things from his adventures and is passionate about culture and doing the right thing. He is also really fit from running away from all the big boulders and hates snakes just like me!

7. Adam Carlsen- Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

Am I on BookTok? Yes. Did I read Love Hypothesis because it was on there? Also yes. This story follows a young Ph.D. candidate along with her fake relationship with Dr. Adam Carlsen. Let me tell you, this man is my end goal in a relationship. He agrees to help the main character, Olive, in her ridiculous plan of fake dating and he also helps her with her research project and expects nothing. Not only that but he loves her for her brains and not her looks, unlike some of the characters in the book. (He is also super hot, tall, dark-haired, and broody) ;)

6. Nick Miller- New Girl

Am I proud of this one? Not at all. You can’t help but love the outrageous personality of Nicholas Miller. He’s funny, kind, takes ownership of his actions, and is a published author. He may dress like my weird uncle which kind of throws me off but, overall, I think that Nick Miller is one of the most loveable male characters out there. His childish and fun personality makes you want to goof around with him.  

5. Steve Rogers/Captain America- The Avengers

Although he’s almost 100 years old, I’d still let him hit it for free. And I’m not even lying about that. I am a proud #TeamCap member and I’m not afraid to show it. Steve Rogers is kind, does the right thing, and will fight for his family. Not to mention that he would time travel just to slow dance with the one that he loves. 

4. Nick Nelson- HeartStopper

There is literally nothing bad about this young man right here. Not only is he sweet and kind, but he is also a himbo who has amazing red hair. He is the type of guy who would plan the date instead of just asking you what you want to do. And, have you heard his accent? TO DIE FOR!

3. Prince Naveen- Princess and the Frog

Do we need an explanation for this one? He’s probably the most attractive cartoon character EVER, and he has a smile that women swoon over. Although he is a little cocky, I think I could get over it in order to turn him from a frog back into a prince!

2. Mr. Darcy- Pride and Prejudice

What can I say, I like my men hard to get. I especially like them in a cravat (the high neck scarves). Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet’s relationship is the first enemies to lovers book I’ve ever read and it set the precedent for all other books like it. Mr. Darcy dived deep into Elizabeth’s personality in order to completely understand her. He could have been a little more valiant and discrete but, overall, I think it was for the best. Throughout his development in the book, it is clear that Mr. Darcy loves Elizabeth for who she truly is and is not in it for the money. 

1. Mr. Knightly- Emma

To no surprise, my top two men are from historical fiction romances. However, they are two completely different people. While Mr. Darcy was arrogant and judgemental, Mr. Knightly was the golden retriever boyfriend of that day and age. He didn’t really ask too many questions of Emma and he always had the right answers to her problems. He knew how much of a bad person Mr. Elton was and he helped out Emma’s friend when she needed it most. Overall, Mr. Knightly is one of the most respectful fictional men I have ever read/seen.

Hey Everyone! My name is Emma! I'm from Idaho Falls, Idaho! I'm in Seattle for school at Seattle Pacific University where I'm majoring in History with a minor in French! I love writing, especially when it has to do with history! Some fun facts about me are I can speak French and I had my 10th birthday in a Johann's Fabric store!
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