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Tips To Help Grow Your Depop

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SPU chapter.

When I first created my Depop account, I expected maybe 3 or 4 people to buy something from me– even that would have made me feel accomplished in one way or another. So, when I was able to surpass 50 sales on my account I felt like the coolest kid on the block. 

When the pandemic first began, Depop was my saving grace. I was out of work for months and needed a way to make money. While it was not always the most consistent form of income, I was able to make over $1,000. 

For more reasons than one, I feel such a deep connection to all my clothing and the memories that are behind each piece. I would hoard my clothes in my overflowing closet for so many years until I realized the beauty of allowing others to get a chance to wear these pre-loved special pieces of clothing. 

I love not only being a seller on Depop but also a consumer because with each purchase I am buying something with a story attached to it. And, of course you are also saving the environment and what could be better than that. 

As a broke college student I will find any side hustle possible to save extra money to pay for the never ending costs that come with adulting. The beauty of Depop is that there are tons and tons of accounts that are all incredibly successful, meaning there is room for EVERYONE to thrive and grow. I want all of you to be able to have fun AND make money at the same time so I am here to share a few tips that helped me grow my sales on Depop. 

  1. Aesthetic 

Try your best to have a theme for your account, so when a buyer clicks on your profile they are excited to scroll through all your listings and know they can always look forward to a specific aesthetic. Personally, some of my favorite accounts to buy from are the ones that have a consistent aesthetic background for each piece of clothing so I try my best to recreate this with my own twist on my own account. Plus, the process is super fun! I have changed mine up frequently in the last couple years but have found sticking to a solid white background works the best for me. 

  1. Shipping

On your profile it will show buyers how quickly you ship out your items. The quicker you ship out an item the higher chance someone will want to buy from you and then leave a positive review on your profile. Reviews are incredibly important so any way you can give your buyer the best experience they can’t wait to rave about is essential!!

  1. Discounts

I had a hard time getting my first couple sales when I first created my account because there was not anything that really set me apart from other accounts so I began to brainstorm ways to fix this. As soon as I began lowering my prices through creating discounts on items or consistently holding promotions (BOGO 50%, Buy 2 and get free shipping, 20% off all items etc.) I began to notice my sales slowly increasing. Negotiating prices is also another tip I have, I would even recommend writing in your bio that you are willing to negotiate. Majority of the sales I have made have been through a negotiation process that was very reasonable. 

  1. Customer Service

I always try to be the seller I look for when purchasing clothes off of Depop. The biggest thing I look for when buying clothes off Depop is that a seller responds quickly to any questions I have about sizing, condition, quality etc. Another thing I have always loved is getting notes with my packages, nothing is sweeter than getting a new piece of clothing with a sweet heartfelt note showing your appreciation attached. I have tried to do this in all of my packages to let people know how much it means and helps when they choose to buy from me.

  1. Pricing 

Do not be the person who sells a 2 year old $15 Brandy shirt for $30… The amount of people who sell items incredibly overpriced never fails to blow my mind. The majority of my clothes are pieces that I have loved and worn numerous times so it does not feel right to list them for unreasonable prices. I like to look up other sellers who are selling similar items to me and from there compute the average price and then sell it for a couple dollars cheaper, increasing the chances of a buyer choosing to purchase my item compared to someone else’s who is $3 more. 

Wishing you the best of luck in your Depop success. Manifesting that all of us are boss ass babes this 2022. Also while you’re here feel free to check out my Depop, @patriciasydenstricker. 

Social Justice and Cultural Studies + Psychology Major who aspires to work at UNICEF