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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SPU chapter.

Drinking tea is one of my favorite forms of self care. Whether it’s to get a boost of energy in the morning, or to wind down at night, the combination of warmth and soothing flavors is one I recommend to anyone looking for an easy affordable beverage.

Over the years I have built quite a diverse collection of tea, varying from green teas, black teas, herbal teas, etc. 

Starting off with black tea, I tend to drink it  in the morning because of the high caffeine levels it contains. Growing up, my dad drank a lot of English breakfast tea with milk and sugar, so naturally it  has become my go to drink. If you avoid dairy products like me, I highly recommend putting a splash of oat milk to make it creamy. Some of my favorite brands of black tea are Twinnings, Bigelow, and Red Rose. You can find any of these at your local grocery stores, all for under $6.00 a box. 

Some of the health benefits that come along with drinking black tea include getting  antioxidants, improving gut health, boosting alertness and energy, and helping prevent cardiovascular disease. 

Maddy Terhune, A sophomore at SPU, said, “I like chai tea because it’s flavorful and is equally good when it’s hot and cold!” I would have to agree with her on that. I think it’s a great type of tea to start with for new tea drinkers because of how universal and delicious it is.

Next up are the green teas: Olivia Boron, a sophomore at SPU said “I like green tea because it is energizing.” I prefer to drink green tea in the morning and sometimes mid-afternoon to give myself a boost for the day, My favorite being the Prince of Peace Jasmine Green Tea, which is priced at around $5.00-$6.00 at any local grocery store. Even though it contains caffeine, it is very soothing and the organic taste creates  a peaceful start to your day. I also love how universal green tea is. You can experiment by adding anything from honey, lemon, and even different types of milk.

Along with being a great energy booster, there are also several health benefits of drinking green tea, including improved brain function, antioxidants, helps to prevent cardiovascular disease, boosts metabolism,  and  improves skin. It’s an easy and affordable way to help detox your body! 

Another favorite of mine is the Tazo green tea served at Starbucks – you can order it iced or hot, I prefer iced, but both are amazing. And it’s priced anywhere from $2.00-$4.00 depending on what size you get.  The perfect midday pick me up! With a tiny hint of spearmint, the refreshing taste of this tea will leave you thirsty for more. 

Another favorite green is matcha! Madeleine Splattstoesser, a Sophomore at SPU said “I like matcha because you can make it a lot of different ways.” Matcha is a green tea powder you can mix with any type of milk or water, and can be hot or iced! It’s creamy consistency makes for a perfect morning or afternoon treat.

Lastly is the calming, herbal teas. My favorite way to wind down for the night is to brew up a hot cup of chamomile or sleepy time tea. Tazo makes a really yummy Chamomile tea for just up to $4.00 a box. There is also a honey vanilla chamomile tea made by Celestial for about $3.00, perfect for when  you’re feeling under the weather, or are just looking for something a little more soothing. Celestial also makes a really great “sleepy time” tea, which includes a perfect blend of spearmint, lemongrass, tilia flowers, rosebud, orange blossoms and blackberry leaves. If you have trouble falling asleep at night, try out a sleepy time tea and  it could significantly help! 

There are so many different types of tea, this is just a glimpse into the world of tea drinking! Drinking tea comes with great physical and mental health benefits , essential  during these unusual times. Make a trip over to your local grocery store and try out a tea that sounds good to you, grab your favorite mug, and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the outcome! 


Third year Visual Communications major at Seattle Pacific University