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Whether you are looking for a funny memoir, some fascinating fiction, or a cool history book, I’ve got you covered! Check out the following four books for some refreshing summer reads!

Hyperbole and a Half 

Author: Allie Brosh 

Keywords: Humor, Memoir, Mental Illness 

I became intrigued by this book after I saw my roommate dying from laughter every night with it in her lap. I am so glad I checked it out myself because it is absolutely hilarious! Brosh basically published a collection of her blog posts from over the years covering the wildest stories from her childhood and life as a young adult. They range from her climbing through a window to eat cake, insecurity over where to put a banana in a grocery store, to dealing with depression. The book is styled in a graphic format full of Brosh’s own illustrations. It reads smoothly and easy. Perfect pick for a relaxing summer day! 

Red, White, and Royal Blue 

Author: Casey McQuiston  Keywords: Fiction, Romance, LGBTQ+ 

This book is the perfect choice for a summer romance read! The plot is super interesting and was a blast to read. Alex, son of the United States’ first female president (wooo!), struggles with his media face-saving and performative friendship with Henry, son of the British royal family. That is until they form a classic enemies to lovers trope and develop romantic feelings for one another…just in time for Alex’s mothers re-election campaign. The typical struggles associated with a LGBTQ+ identity and budding relationship become enhanced through their positions in the limelight. This book is just incredible! Casey McQuiston’s new book, “One Last Stop” is also on my list for this summer! It just came out today (June 1st) and features another LGBTQ+ romance. 

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

Author: V.E. Schwab   Keywords: Fiction, Fantasy, Romance 

I just finished this book the other day and I loved it! In 1714 France a young woman, Adeline LaRue, frantically wishes to the gods that she be freed from her dead-end life and not be obliged to continue with her arranged marriage. A mysterious dark spirit grants her wish not to belong to anybody, but uses her words against her and erases her existence from everyone’s memory. Her friends and family no longer know who she is and anyone she meets forgets her once she is out of sight. Addie is blessed with immortality and freedom, yet cursed with a lonely existence. She experiences the beauty and hardship of the world by herself for 300 years until she’s living in New York in 2014 and encounters Henry, a boy who somehow remembers her….This book has beautiful and poetic writing, as well as a haunting storyline. Highly recommend it! 

The Romanov Sisters 

Author: Helen Rapport  Keywords: History, Biography, Culture 

This book is for all my fellow history nerds! It follows the lives of the last imperial family of Russia, the Romanovs. The author was very objective about the context of the political situation in Russia, while still bringing their story to life. As a child I loved watching the Anastasia movie, so it was fascinating to learn about her actual life and compare the parallels I remembered from the film. Rapport humanizes these girls that are seemingly invisible to history. They are funny and each have their own personality. I loved learning about each of them as well as their brother, parents,  and extended families like Queen Victoria (the sisters’ great grandmother!). Also, typically you don’t know how the story ends, but in this case most people already know that they experienced a tragic death. The whole book was filled with increasing tension toward their murder. It was so wild to read their diary responses and “watch” them as they realized their fate. So interesting! Highly recommend it.

I love these books! Take advantage of your free time this summer and dive into the literary world for knowledge, adventure, and excitement :) 

Hello! I'm the Editor in Chief for Her Campus SPU. I am a senior at Seattle Pacific University, double majoring in Communication and Social Justice & Cultural Studies with a Concentration in Pre-Law, Human Rights, and Policy. I'm also pursuing a minor in Women's Studies! I am passionate about intersectional social activism and love dogs, books, and cookies.
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