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Summer Movies to Help Through the Last Stretch of Classes

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The sunshine and warm weather has come, but classes are still in session. Summer feels like it couldn’t come sooner and I’m counting down the days until break. In the meantime, I’ve accumulated a list of some of my favorite movies that get me into the summer spirit. If you’re wanting some motivation to get you to summer, here are some of my summer movie recommendations. 

High School Musical 2

It was tradition in my family that on my brother and I’s last day of school, our mom would pick us up with “What Time Is It?” blasting from the car stereo. My personal favorite of the trilogy, HSM 2, stars the crew of East High facing the summer before their senior year. Will Troy and Gabriella last through the summer? Will Sharpay steal Troy away? Who will win the club’s talent show? Does Chad dance? (no). Fit with a killer soundtrack and the best summer vibes, High School Musical 2 is always my first watch of the summer.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

“Bueller?… Bueller?…. Bueller?… Bueller?” A John Hughes classic set in Chicago starring Matthew Broderick follows high school slacker, Ferris Bueller, skipping school to have an ultimate day off with his best friend Cameron and girlfriend Sloane. The film follows their elaborate shenanigans and adventures throughout the day as they try to get away with skipping school. This movie is the definition of a good time. It’s an easy watch that’s an 80s classic. 


Amy and Molly are straight-A senior students about to graduate high school. They did everything right: studied hard, got good grades, didn’t party, and got into Ivy League schools. But it turns out that all the kids who did party and have fun in high school, also got into Ivy League schools. With only one day left before they graduate, the best friend duo set out to finally have some fun and party hard. Booksmart has a killer cast and is maybe my favorite coming-of-age movie. 

The Hannah Montana Movie

This is my personal favorite Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM). Miley Stewart, who is famously known as the international pop star Hannah Montana, gets too caught up in the celebrity lifestyle so her dad plans a trip to get her back to her country roots. Back in her hometown of Crowley Corners, Tennessee, Miley rediscovers herself and what life is all about. This movie brings all the nostalgia and makes me want to live my Miley Stewart summer. And you know what they say, “Life’s a climb, but the view’s great”. 


Three former best friends dig up an old memory box on the night of their high school graduation. After 8 years of drifting apart, the girls decide to go on a roadtrip across the country from Georgia to California, each for their own reasons. Throughout the film, the girls rekindle their friendship on the open road while experiencing unexpected adventures along the way. What says summer better than a road trip?

If those don’t get your summer fix, here’s a few more honorable mentions to check out: Teen Beach Movie, Call Me By Your Name, The Parent Trap, Baby Driver, and Monte Carlo.

Cheers to the last few weeks of classes, and here’s to holding out for summer!

Jane is a transfer sophomore at Seattle Pacific University studying Cross-Cultural Psychology. Her home is west Michigan but also spent a part of her childhood growing up in Hong Kong. Additionally, she is coming off a gap year living in eastern Australia and Tokyo, Japan doing missions and volunteer work. It is Jane's first year being a member of Her Campus and is excited to pursue her interest in writing through being able to write about things that she is passionate about. Aside from academics and writing, Jane enjoys watching movies (usually "10 Things I Hate About You"), listening to Taylor Swift, and scrapbooking with any and every scrap or memorabilia she has.