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Sorry, I Have Plants This Week

How Caring for Plants During School Can Relieve Stress for Students

Life on a college campus is always a rollercoaster, so there must be some type of stress reliever, right?

Thankfully, yes. Besides photos from home, decorative pillows, and stuffed animals, another bit of comforting decor that can help students stop and take a breath can be just as simple as a little, green plant.

It’s been proven that having plants to take care of can reduce mental and physical tension in a person. This is because plants can help purify the surrounding air and promote comfortable and relaxed feelings.

Aloe Vera is my personal favorite. Besides being good for healing surface wounds, Aloe Vera is able to freshen the air around you. Eliminating the irritants in the air can relieve feelings of tension. Luckily, this wonderful and beneficial plant is very low maintenance; just water it weekly and allow it to have some sun.

If you need some calmness as well as floral scents in your room, lavender is the way to go. Besides being a lovely (and insanely strong) essential oil, the lavender plant itself can alleviate  anxiety . Just place it on the side of your bed at night so you’ll be able to inhale all the wonderful calmness it provides as you’re going to sleep.

Questioning your entire college plan? Worried if you’re going to survive? In this case, a snake plant will become your best friend. They require little attention and can make it through a little pressure; reminding it’s owner that they can do whatever they set their mind to. The best part about this plant is that it’s really hard to kill,so for those who believe they’ll kill any plant they’re left in charge of, you can rest assured that you don’t need a green thumb for this one.

Still have some extra space on your desk and shelf? Go get some succulents! They’re green, they’re pretty, and they purify the air( another perk and reason to buy more plants – clean air!).They are just as beneficial when it comes to boosting your mood and helping you focus. Studies have shown that students have better performance and concentration when plants are in their work space.

Seriously, would you rather work in a bland study lounge, or in an area that resembles a jungle with its green plants and floral scents? Even though many of these plants don’t require a lot of maintenance (perfect for college students with 18 credit schedules, just saying), the durability and beauty of plants remind us that we can survive whatever we’re going through. Plants add beauty and light to their surroundings  and remind us to take time for ourselves.

Walking around campus, when the sun is shining and flowers are blooming can give students a sense of peace. Sitting outside on a blanket studying, surrounded by trees, doesn’t that sound amazing?Even if you only get the chance to walk through nature on the way  to class, at least you can take it in for a brief moment. 

It’s downright relaxing, but some situations won’t permit studying outside on a daily basis. The best remedy is to add some of that peace to your dorm, and buy a succulent or two. 

Midterms are coming to a close, but the workload of school can give students a mental beating. Struggling to get up for a 9 AM class, drinking multiple cups of coffee at night just to finish a paper, and cancelling a night with friends to study- saying it’s hard is an understatement  

So, treat yourself! Set aside around forty-five bucks, drive to the nearest plant shop, and buy a couple plants, or five, or even ten. No judgement, we all could use some pockets of nature by our side..

Hey! My name is Perris Larson and I am a sophomore at Seattle Pacific University! I am a journalism major with a minor in history. I journal on a daily basis, most of the time at one of my favorite coffee shops. I love traveling, and going on little adventures in the city with my friends (especially if it in involves grabbing a latte somewhere).
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