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With the sunny and warm weather coming to Seattle, outdoor activities are becoming even more enjoyable. One of my favorite outdoor activities is going golfing. Here are five reasons you should go golfing this Spring Quarter:

1. Exercise!

When golfing, you can either play 9 or 18 holes. With either option, you will do a lot of walking. Depending on the course, you could walk more or less than 4 miles. This is a great and enjoyable form of exercise.

2. Spending time outdoors!

On a beautiful sunny day, there is nothing better than spending time outdoors. Playing a round of golf is time well spent playing a fun game while enjoying the outdoors. Time spent outdoors has many positive aspects to your physical and mental health.

3. It is an easy sport to learn!

One of the great things about golf is that it is an easy sport to learn. All you need to be able to do is swing a golf club! Over time, if you become interested, you can learn the actual golf rules, but this is not necessary for a beginner.

4. You can play with your others or alone!

Golf does not require a certain amount of people to play. If you and your friends want to give golfing a try, then you can all play together. If you have a free afternoon and want some alone time outdoors, then you can sign up to play by yourself! Golf is also a chance to meet other people. You can call your local golf course and request a time to play with other golfers. This is a great opportunity to meet other golfers! Golf is a very social sport if you want it to be. Whether walking between holes or setting up, you have many opportunities to start a conversation.

5. Golf reduces stress!

I know as a student, finding activities that help to reduce stress is necessary. Spending time outdoors is one way to help reduce stress. Golfing is an opportunity to escape the busyness of everyday life for a few hours.

One of the positive aspects of the location of SPU is the proximity to Interbay. About a five-minute drive from SPU is Interbay Golf Course. Interbay has a 9-hole golf course and a driving range. Over the next few weeks, when we have some warm and sunny weather, set a time for you and a group of friends, ask the course to play with others, or go on your own to play a round of golf!

Hello! I am a student at Seattle Pacific University majoring in Economics and Applied Math. I am originally from Olympia, Washington. I love to read, write, and hang out with my dogs.