90’s Trends that (Thankfully) Haven’t Made a Comeback

As we know, fashion is cyclical and what once was in style will inevitably come back.? Looking back on childhood photos, *cue the awkward straight across bangs* you look at a photo and think to yourself “what was I wearing?!”. What once was ultra stylish and made you look like the coolest kid in town would now be social suicide. So let’s explore those cringe worthy fashion choices that we ALL wore, and say a quick prayer that they will never come back into style.


Live Strong Bracelets

Because what’s cooler than stacking 20 or so colored rubber bands onto your wrist?



Paul Smith

Remember this guy? We used to see this all over sweatshirts, notebooks, wallets and pretty much anywhere it could be applied.

Slap Bracelets

The little kid in me misses these…

Rice Necklaces

Because naturally everyone needs to wear a grain of rice in a necklace.

Shutter Shades

We can thank Kanye for this one


Ramen Hair

Do I need to say more…


Lisa Frank

If you had a Lisa Frank binder then you instantly became more popular.