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25 Songs You Immediately Need to Add to Your Fall Playlist

I’ve always clung to sad music. If a song isn’t leaving me full of tears, I don’t want it. Music just feels better when you can feel the artist’s passion and every single lyric holds a story. Anytime my favorite artists come out with a new album I’m immediately pulled to the most heart wrenching songs on it. The only issue is the vibe killer it can be… no one wants to be driving down the freeway with all the windows down on a warm summer afternoon belting Champagne Problems by Taylor Swift. This brings me to why fall is so special to me; fall is the season where this music is finally socially acceptable. No one will judge me for my never ending que of slow moody songs because this is the season where these songs thrive. I hope these songs inspire you with as much awe as they have for me. 

  1. Moon – Kanye West 

This song brings so much peace to my soul. It is pure bliss. 

  1. Holyfields – Bon Iver
  1. Holocene – Bon Iver 

Bon Iver practically invented fall, it would be a crime to not include him.

  1. Eloise – Penny and Sparrow 

The type of song you hear in a coffee shop and are practically standing on the chair trying to get Shazam to read it because it is so incredible.

  1. Patricia (acoustic version) – Florence + The Machine 

I may be a bit biased and feel like she made this song for me, but I promise it is the most angelic song.

  1. Purification Ritual – Steve Benjamins

The chorus of this song is pure magic.

  1. Swim Good – Dermot Kennedy 

One of my favorite artists covering my other favorite artists… what could possibly be better. 

  1. Rivers and Roads – The Head And The Heart

This song hits different being a college student. Grab the tissues for this one (specifically starting at 3:05).

  1. Tired and Awake – Oliver Riot

Any and all songs by Oliver deserve a spot on your playlists this fall.

  1. Easy On Me – Adele

I truly have no words for this song. Thanking my lucky stars our Queen delivered a new iconic song this fall season. 

  1. Alps – Novo Amor, Ed Tullet

His voice sounds like honey. Perfect song to drive in the rain to. 

  1. Cavalier- James Vincent McMorrow

This song makes me feel so warm and fuzzy. It is so achingly beautiful.  

  1. Skinny Love- Birdy 

This song has had a permanent spot on my fall playlist since I was 13 years old. 

  1. Liability – Lorde

My soul crushes when I hear this song, but in the best way possible because Lorde does such an incredible job putting the feeling of feeling like you’re too much into words. It is hands down one of Lorde’s greatest songs.

  1. Depth Over Distance – Ben Howard

I would put every song ever created by Ben Howard on this playlist, but this one in particular has been giving me the chills everytime I hear it, so it deserves a spot on here. 

  1. All the Pretty Girls – KALEO

If you love Bon Iver you will love this song.

  1. I Need My Girl – The National

The artist wrote this love song to his wife and daughter, knowing this information prior to listening to the song makes it that much sweeter. 

  1. Champagne Problems – Taylor Swift 

Did you really think I’d mention this song at the beginning and not include it? First of all, Taylor swift is a lyrical genius and tells the most heart wrenching but incredible story. Also, hearing Taylor drop the F bomb is everything we never knew we needed. 

  1. All Too Well – Taylor Swift 

Forever my favorite song of all time. It gets better every second. I hope you are all emotionally preparing yourselves for the 10 minute version coming to us in November. 

  1. You Are Enough (Acoustic) – Sleeping At Last

In case you needed a reminder. 

  1. Neon Moon – Cigarettes After Sex

I just feel cooler than I am when I play anything by Cigarettes After Sex.

  1. Banana Pancakes – Jack Johnson 

This song always cures the fall Sunday scaries, trust me. 

  1. Sleep on the Floor – The Lumineers 

Every music video from The Lumineers tells such a beautiful story but this one in particular is one of my all time favs, please watch it while you listen. 

  1. We Fell in Love in October  – Girl in Red 

Fall is extra special to me because it’s the season where I met the love of my life :’)

  1. For Island Fires and Family – Dermot Kennedy 

I had to save the best for last. Dermot’s voice is one of the most powerful and moving voices I have ever heard. The passion he holds is like none other. I wish I could gate keep him forever but truly no one deserves more success than him so I hope he makes it big one day.

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