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11 Podcasts You Should Listen To

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SPU chapter.

Whether you listen to podcasts for entertainment purposes or to learn more about our world of information, finding a good reliable podcast is difficult. Every YouTuber, influencer, and TV celebrity seems to have one, but hearing them drown on for an hour isn’t always fun. Sometimes we are just in the mood for new and fresh voices. 

Well, you are in luck because the HC SPU Executive Board has included tried and true podcast recommendations for you to wind-down to, workout to, or just listen and have a laugh. 


1. Tiny Meat Gang: If you’re an avid YouTube watcher you’ve heard of Cody Ko and Noel Miller. These comedy influencers got their start way back in the Vine days and now have started a podcast together. Pre-pandemic times allowed them to tour the podcast throughout the nation and even abroad. But don’t worry, they are still podcasting together, virtually, and offer both audio and video versions. Miller and Ko talk about everything from the latest news to celebrity gossip with a comedic twist. I highly recommend this podcast while driving in the car or just for a good laugh. Check it out on podcast apps such as Apple Music or Spotify. 

2. Hoot and a Half: If you follow the infamous “Vlog-Squad” you’ve heard of Matt King and Mike Sheffer. Although they aren’t the David Dobrik’s or Zane Hijazi’s of the group, these two friends have quite a lot to discuss from growing up in a Jewish family to cringe-y high school stories. Oftentimes King and Sheffer interview friends such as Josh Peck, Casey Neistat, and Jason Nash. 

3. Zane and Heath Unfiltered: Giving King and Sheffer a run for their money is Zane Hijazi and Heath Hussar who host a weekly “coffee-talk” between themselves and their co-hosts, Mariah Amato and Kenny Allen. Grab a cup of coffee and listen to various stories from their lives past and present. 


4. Call Her Daddy: We’ve all heard of the infamous Alexandra Cooper, a newly “single father”  as she steps into a new role as a solo-podcaster. Cooper addresses anything from relationships, sex, and stories from her life. Patricia Sydenstricker is an avid listener and comments that, “It [Call Her Daddy] is the most empowering podcast ever. Alex’s primary goal is to normalize women talking about sex and feeling comfortable with it. I sob laughing every time and would highly recommend”. 

5. What We Said: Hosted by besties Jaci Marie and Chelsey Jade, What We Said is an advice podcast where anything from health, business, and relationships are discussed. Every so often, Marie and Jade are joined by guests to interview and ask questions, all the while giving real tangible advice to their listeners. After listening, Patricia Sydenstricker comments, “I feel like I’m chatting with my bffs. They are always so positive and uplifting. Listening leaves me feeling so motivated and full of joy.”

6. Scrubbing In With Becca Tilley and Tanya Rad: Hosted by ex-Bachelorette contestant Tilley and her BFF and E! Host Rad combines their love of Grey’s Anatomy with their friendship. Taylor Hiroyasu, junior student at SPU, comments, “[this podcast] talks about basically anything that you typically discuss with your girlfriends. I’ve listened to the 2x People’s Choice Award Winning podcast for so long that I consider myself a ‘Tanya’.” If you tune in you’ll be sure to hear the two talk about a plethora of things such as relationships, lifestyle, and of course the hit ABC show. 


7. Typology: Hosted by well-rounded author, speaker, and counselor, Ian Morgan Cron explores the different types of personalities we encounter in everyday life. Not only will you learn more about yourself but how to better understand close friends, family, and people you interact with. By using the Enneagram system of personalities and inviting different types of Enneagram leaders, you’ll listen as Cron interviews authors, artists, businesses leaders, and more. Kayla Nasralla, junior at SPU, recently dove into the world of Enneagram and highly recommends this podcast to learn more about yourself. You never know what learning could help you achieve more in the future. Check it out for some self tender loving care. 

8. The Daily: The New York Times news conglomerate now features a daily podcast discussing the recent happenings nationwide and explores international news. Hosted by Times political journalist Michael Barbaro, The Daily interviews the journalists who report for NYT and have a deep understanding of the stories. If traditional news sources bore you, tune into this 20-40 min podcast each day of the week to get a bite-sized understanding of the news.

9. NPR Ted Radio Hour: Powered through national public radio, The Ted Radio hour takes long Ted-talks and breaks them down in short summaries. Since we all don’t have the time to listen to full Ted Talks, listen to this podcast. Taylor Schmidt, sophomore at SPU, is an avid listener and comments, “it features highlights from different Ted talks about a certain topic. They describe it as TED talks adapted for radio and I always learn so much.” Listen as host Manoush Zomorodi dives into deep topics surrounding the world, ourselves, and more. . 

10. Morbid: A True Crime Podcast: If you watch Criminal Minds, NCIS, or Law and Order, you’ll love this audio podcast, Morbid, hosted by two sisters,Ash and Alaina, who indulge in their interest in true crime and anything creepy. Emma Wick, junior at SPU, writes, “Their episodes are well-researched, ranging from murders, abductions, haunted buildings, cults and anything else spooky! My favorite episode is about Ireland’s Vanishing triangle. They even have one about Carol Baskin’s missing husband, Don Lewis. Highly recommended for long commutes or a walk around your neighborhood, in the daylight of course.” 

11. Stuff You Missed in History Class: Did you find yourself falling asleep in high school history classes? Well hosts, Tracy Wilson and Holly Frey dive into the things you missed or your textbook may have left out. This podcast fills all the holes and looks at the real history covering everything from scurvy, tarot cards, and historical figures such as Mary Ann Shadd Cary. Check out short 30-40 minute episodes and learn a bit more about history. 



Tori McArthur is a Journalism and Sociology major at Seattle Pacific University. She loves to travel and lives by Indy Blue's mantra of "creating the life you want." You can probably find her at a thrift store in Seattle with a coffee in hand.