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Welcome Back to the Lane, Her Campus!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Spelman chapter.


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350 Spelman Lane is the royal stomping ground for educated black women on a mission. With a 76 percent graduation rate it’s no surprise that these sisters are leaving the Columbia blue and white gates and taking up roles in government, starting tech companies, landing roles on Broadway and becoming prominent leading women.

With the tagline of “A Choice to Change the World” these ladies go far and beyond to ensure that if they don’t have a way to change the world, they create one. But before these ladies can begin their quest of knocking out their career goals, they utilize on-campus organizations to form connections and obtain experience in their prospective field.

Spelman doesn’t offer a journalism major or even a mass communications department, but that didn’t stop me from attending this school. I knew it would it be hard to pursue a career in journalism at Spelman but I’ve always been prepared to do what I have to do to get what I want.

Her Campus was chartered at Spelman College during my freshman year, 2014, but unfortunately it ran a short course and has been inactive in the last two years. While I have never been a member of a publication on Spelman’s campus, I set out to create an innovative opportunity for students to gain experience and exposure in communications while forming the sisterly bonds only Spelman produces.

By working with an executive board composed of women representing various majors and classifications, we have managed to revive Her Campus and are preparing for the organization’s big campus debut. Before the launch, our team sat down and discussed what they expect from this organization.

“Before joining Her Campus I didn’t really know exactly what the organization was,” said junior psychology major and Her Campus PR Director Jiana Barnes. “I want to interact with the students on campus. With other publications you just read what they write instead of getting to know the writer. This (Her Campus) is more inclusive and a good platform to hear what students want to read and see.”

For Spelman’s Her Campus chapter inclusiveness and having a solid foundation is key. The 2017-2018 Executive Board consists of 7 dedicated women; President La’Candis Brown, Vice President Nicole McEaddy, PR and Social Media Directors Jiana Barnes and Javonna Robinett, Senior Editor Adesuwa Joseph and Junior Editors Mary Chimezie and Ehidebamen Uadiale.

While these women are the foundation of the organization, the content creators and social media team are the building blocks. When asked why she joined Her Campus and not another publication on campus, sophomore Aundreya Batson’s response reiterated why Her Campus is a necessity on Spelman’s Campus.

“Her Campus is inviting on Spelman’s Campus, look at its name ‘Her Campus.’ It’s like the organization is attached to us as women or ‘hers’ and one can make it their own, literally,” said Batson, making a connection between Her Campus and the all-women college. “I’m looking forward to working with the PR and Social Media team to plan and have events, promote the organization, and build a community on campus and establish our presence.”

Hey hey guys! My name is La'Candis, but I usually go by Candis. Hailing from the countryside of Monroe, Louisiana its no surprise that I love my sugar cane sweet tea and zydeco music. Currently, I am a Junior Political Science major with a minor in writing at the Illustrious Spelman College. Upon obtaining my undergraduate degree next Spring I intend to pursue a career in journalism.