Summer Walker's "Over It": An Album Review

On October 4, 2019, Summer Walker released her highly anticipated album "Over It". This was the largest debut for a woman R&B singer in over 10 years. The 18-track production was highly awaited and so I decided to do a review on the album and talk about some of the songs that spoke out to me the most. The songs we can all relate to in this generation

The album starts with the song "Over It", this song is more upbeat than most of Walker's productions. It is very vulgar, but I believe this is because she is tired of men treating her like nothing, she's over it. She's just looking for someone to keep it real. This was one of the best songs in my opinion, sometimes you must call people out on their BS and let them know what’s going on.

 The next track "Body" embodies the R&B vibe of the late 2010s. The song begins with a sample of "Get It Together" by 702. It gives the sense that she doesn't want to go but she doesn't want to stay. She doesn't know what she wants. But she knows her, and her man needs to get it together. She understands they both have options but deep down they only want each other. It's like her mind is saying one thing but her body is another. This song really affirms a lot of what we go through in this generation. We're often indecisive about what or who we want, and it can be very confusing for all parties involved. 

"Playing Games" ft. Bryson Tiller is a remix to the hit single that came out in August of this year. In the song, she explains that she has everything she wants but not what she needs which a man that is truly about the little things. She doesn't want a lot just the little things. Simply being shown off and appreciated and thought about. There's an ode to Destiny's Child anthem "Say My Name" with the lyric "So won't you say my acting kinda shady you ain’t been calling me baby." She wants actions, not words. There's a recurring theme of actions speaking louder than words with Walker. She is a woman of action.

The final song of the album that tied it all together was her hit song that brought her fame "Girls Need Love" (remix) ft. Drake. Now any song with the “ChampagnePapi” is automatically a hit in my eyes. But this song is good. On one side we have Walker speaking from the perspective of the woman who simply says girls need love. They need attention and affection just like everyone else. They don't want lames. They want thugs who can treat their ladies like the queens they are. Walker also makes the proclamation that in society woman can't demand what they want when it comes to most things especially love and sex without looking like a hoe or extremely clingy. The stigma surrounding women’s sex lives and romantic feelings is pass due to be cancelled.  In the final verse comes Drake, the knight in shining armor agreeing with the proclamations saying everything women want to hear from men. It is refreshing to here, especially from him. 

This album has had a lot of mixed reviews but honestly, I believe it is one of the best albums of the year. Summer can take us on a tour of her mind and go through her love and her life all in 18 tracks which is hard to do when you've been through so much. I think this album is already empowering for women, but it also just sounds nice and has a lot of great samples. I am proud of Summer, this album is going to do great things.