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Spelman Student on White House It’s On Us Campaign

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Spelman chapter.
Major/Minor: Biology Major
Classification: Junior
Hometown: West Palm Beach, Florida
How were you selected for the Campaign? 
Hundreds of students applied to be apart of the first Student Advisory Committee for the ItsOnUs Campaign that was launched in September 2014 by Generation Progress and The White House. After completing the application, a few students received an email to go onto the next round which was the interview process. After interviews, two weeks later students were notified via email and phone if they were selected, but the information was not made public until after the press release. The entire process took about a month before the committee was selected, the selection process was based on students who displayed leadership and self-motivated qualities.
What will your role be and how will it relate to Spelman? 
My role in this campaign is to participate in campaign calls, make sure that students and members in my community are informed and involved with the campaign, host events throughout the fall and spring semester, and help promote activities that the ItsOnUs campaign will be hosting or participating in. I will be hosting events on Spelman’s campus and will have the opportunity to bring celebrities and speakers on campus who will speak to students about sexual assault or their experience. 
What does it mean for you to be on the Campaign board? 
It means a lot to me to be apart of this Campaign board, it is personal for me because I am a survivor of sexual abuse that occurred for five years at such a young age. Only a few people who were close to me knew about it and I didn’t fully open up about my past until I came to Spelman where I did a speech and I received so much support. I’m very aware of the pain it can cause and I want to use my past experiences to turn something so negative into something positive. 
How can people stay up to date with what’s going on with the campaign? 
Students can stay up to date with this campaign by following ItsOnUs on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook: @ItsOnUs and also by taking the pledge at itsonus.org. When you take the pledge you have to enter your name, school, and email which is how you can receive updates.
What do you hope to achieve while on the board? 
While on board I plan to educate not only students at Spelman College, but Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta University. My goal is to get the entire AUC involved by collaborating with many different organizations. In addition to the involvement of all three schools, I want to help victims of sexual assault by getting them the help and support they need.
What is your ultimate career goal? 
My ultimate career goal is to become a forensic pathologist working in criminal law cases that deal with sexual homicides and deaths in police/correctional custody.
What organizations are you a part of? 
ItsOnUs, Student Advisory Committee Member
Teen Angels Society, Mentor
Peace Corps, SERO Campus Ambassador
Spelman College Event Envoys, Volunteer
Youth Empowerment Program, Volunteer & Mentor
Emergination Africa, Mentor
American Red Cross, Biomedical Services Intern
Endia Hayes is a junior, Sociology and Anthropology major at the illustrious Spelman College. An aspiring college professor with hopes on earning her PH.D. in Sociology, Endia is a scholar activist and UNCF Mellon Mays Fellow who believes that through education anyone can change the world. If you see or know of an issue, take a stand because the world will continue to turn with or without your impact. She loves all types of music, however, she is convinced Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong are the best duo of all time. Les Miserables is the absolute BEST musical and no one can convince her otherwise.I am not longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept ~ Angela Davis
Danyelle Carter has always been excited about building beneficial relationships, sharing stories and managing her best self. She is an aspiring publicist majoring in Comparative Women's Studies at her dream school, the illustrious Spelman College in Atlanta, GA. She chose to continue her education at Spelman after graduating summa cum laude from Miami Dade College with a joint associate degree in Mass Communications and Journalism. Currently a junior at Spelman, Danyelle hopes to bring contemporary perspectives to commercial appeal by pursuing entrepreneurship of owning her own firm. If you ask her what her aspirations are, her eyes would light up, her smile would widen and she would squeal: "to be the Communicator-in-Chief of my own PR/Social Interaction agency!"