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My SpelHouse Homecoming 2019 Experience

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Spelman chapter.

    SpelHouse is known to have one of the greatest homecomings for HBCU’s, and after my experiences this week I can personally attest to that fact. I had fun my first year, but I was just a freshman and didn’t know all the ins and outs of homecoming. This year, I wanted to be absolutely prepared to have one of the best weeks of my life. I started off with buying clothes early, one or two things every now and again to enhance my closet and save them for when homecoming came around. I looked a hot mess last year in my opinion; makeup, shoes, clothes, pictures, everything was just no as I’m looking back on it. I wanted to get good pictures because I knew how much I had grown and how much my confidence had increased. I wanted to capture that. When the week came around, I ended up getting sick, not so sick that I felt like I was dying but just annoyingly sick. I worked out, took lots of hot showers, took medicine, did some of my Grandma’s home remedies, etc., etc. I was not about to let my sinuses take me out!


The first event of Homecoming is the annual Kick-Off Jam and has been my favorite experience so far this week. It was super fun, compared to how I spent it last year (crying in my room LOL) because I was surrounded by some of the most genuine people. There were also games, rides, food, and lots of dancing involved. I loved being around my AUC family and seeing people I knew having as much fun as I was. As the week progressed, it only went up from there. I’m not built like I used to be last year, so parties weren’t really my thing this go around. I went to the Hip Hop concert featuring Lil Boosie, Young Thug, and Lil Keed, the carnival-themed Yardfest, Market Friday, and of course, Tailgate. All while partaking in these events I was going to class (for the most part), getting my homework done, volunteering for the Granddaughter’s Club, and writing this article. It’s been hectic and satisfying all at once because of the memories that I have created. From reliving the crazy things that happened the night before with my friends to gassing up everyone’s outfits, I have been living my absolute best life this week. My dad also came in town since this is his homecoming too and treated me to breakfast. While my bank account may not be very happy with me, I’m extremely happy with myself because I feel like I lived it up this year and was more carefree than I’ve been in a long time. Enjoy some of my pictures I took below :) catch you guys next year!

My name is Nzingha Florence and I am currently a Sophomore English major, Photography minor from Chesapeake, Virginia, attending the illustrious Spelman College. My career goals and aspirations include being a multimedia journalist, content creator, and published poet. I enjoy writing content that promotes self-love and positive mental / physical wellbeing. This past year, I began my own self-help blog that has reached up to 200 viewers. I love to travel and document my travels through writing, photography, and videography. Whatever profession I have in the future, it has to include traveling because I feel as if the world is too beautiful not to see and explore. I am very excited to be joining the HER Campus Spelman Chapter as a content writer. I can't wait to see what this year has in store!
Kimani Leftridge is currently an Anthropology and Sociology major at Spelman College. Kimani loves writing and talking about politics, they have aspirations of becoming a college professor and continuing to work in the field of journalism. If they are not writing, they can be found organizing, involved in political discourse, reading or painting. In addition to being a writer, Kimani is also a visual artist who's pieces often have the same subject matter as their writings. You can follow them on Instagram @angstyblkartist.