Her Campus Spelman x CFW Fashionista Profile: Jordan Shambry

College Fashion Week is a time for adolescent creatives to show off their talents on the runway. This past week Her Campus Media hosted the 8th annual College Fashion Week in Boston, Massachusetts and New York City. It was an amazing demonstration of diversity in terms of style, body type, ethnicity, race and so much more. While the Spelman Chapter of Her Campus couldn’t attend, our team conducted interviews of fashion forward creatives in our own community. I had the opportunity to interview Jordan Shambry, a sophomore biology major on the premed track from Georgia.

How would you describe your style?

My style ranges from anything. I can dress down but still look put together. I would say my style is versatile. I am also inspired heavily by neutral tones

Has anyone influenced your style?

I would say social media has strongly influenced my style. Apps like Pinterest and Instagram have given me style ideas and the ability to find what works for me. 

Do you consider your style unique? If so, when did you realize this?

My style is unique to me because I’m able to express myself and that makes me feel good. I realized that my style was unique when I got to college because for the first time, I had the freedom to dress how I wanted.

What do you feel makes an outfit (yours in particular) unique?

Accessories. Accessories. Accessories. I believe a nice piece of jewelry or pair sunglasses ties my whole look together. I also believe external features like my hair and makeup make my outfits unique.

Have you ever considered styling anyone else?

Yes, I believe some people have trouble finding their style and helping them find their own style would make me feel good. I think when you look good you feel good as well.

What is the process you go through of picking out an outfit? 

I usually throw on different pieces together until something fits the look I’m trying to achieve. 

Do you believe there is a correlation between individuality and fashion?

Yes, I feel like what you wear shows who you are, and people have so many different styles that those two concepts go hand and hand. 

What’s your favorite thing in your closet right now?

My favorite thing in my closet right now are my sparkly espadrille sandals.

How has fashion helped you? 

Fashion has helped me create my own personality and really become confident in myself.

What are your career aspirations?

 In the future I plan on becoming an Ob/Gyn and as of right now I am working on my bikini line.

 I followed up by asking her about her new bikini line. She plans on launching her line, YEW Swimwear in January 2020. They are handmade triangle bikinis for all shapes and sizes. She decided to create this line because she loves her body, especially in a bikini and she wants everyone to have that same confidence she does when she’s in her bikini. To see more of her style, you can find her personal Instagram page: @jordanssaraiah and her upcoming business page: @yew_swim.