Three Things Every Collegiette Should Carry in Her Purse

Whether you’re rocking an edgy cross body bag, flaunting a vintage clutch or hiding the “unique” Christmas bag you got from grandma, a purse is definitely the ultimate accessory for collegiettes! It doubles as a tool and a fashion statement. The big question is what should every collegiette carry in their purse besides gum and their student ID card? Here are the “must haves” every collegiette should consider throwing in their bag:

1.      The pen
The obvious use of a pen is to write with, of course…but wait! There’s more. Do you find yourself getting nervous when faced with a crowd of people? Do your nerves get the best of you? Holding a pencil or a pen can actually help you to control your nervousness. Holding something sturdy in your hands when speaking gives you something else to focus on. Many people use this handy trick to keep themselves calm, and of course you never know when you’ll need to give your number out to study partners in class or to that cutie you’ve had your eye on! 

2.      Lip gloss
Cold weather isn’t a good enough excuse for a collegiette to walk around with shine free lips. Whether you woke up late or you’re having one of those lazy days, lip gloss or balm can give a girl that extra pop…but wait! There’s more. You walk past the mirror and notice that your eyebrows are looking dry. Lip gloss is your friend. Rubbing a little lip balm on those brows will do the trick. Check out the EHow tutorial for the perfect balm brows! 
3.      Pepper spray
Every collegiette should carry pepper spray in case a creeper tries to make their move. Any college campus can become a predator’s play ground, especially at night. It’s always a good idea to use the buddy system, but if you must travel alone, be prepared. You can learn more about the proper way to use pepper spray…but wait! Seriously, that all pepper spray should be used for. Pepper spray isn’t a toy!
While there are many other things that can go in your purse, these three essentials could  be real lifesavers in certain situations. Time to restock your purse!