Survival Guide: Collegiettes vs. Mississippi Rain

If you’re a newbie to the great state of Land Mass, you probably weren't prepared for the weather that comes along with living in the glorious south. Hurricane season is no fun. By now, I’m sure you’ve inevitably developed a better understanding of the phrase, “raining cats and dogs.” I couldn't help but shake my head after watching a rain-soaked student screaming, “Why won’t it stop raining?” Score: Rain 1, Collegiettes 0. According to data from the Weather Warehouse, Hattiesburg brought in 12.66 inches of rain last September. A bit of advice to my fellow students, it always rains in southern Mississippi. But In the words of Project Runway’s Tim Gunn, “Make it work.”

First things first. Before you run out the door rushing to class, check the weather forecast or at least take a look out your window. I recommend downloading The Weather Channel and the AccuWeather mobile apps. Both are free and available to iPhone and Android users. The Census Bureau and eMarketer reported that 47% of smartphone users collect weather information using their mobile devices. Jump on board. If you race outside without checking the chance of rain percentage, you deserve to be drenched in the heaviest cats and dogs. And if you think class is going to be canceled over a little ole hurricane aftermath rain, think again. 

So you’ve checked your weather app, and you’re informed that it’s definitely going to rain. You pull out the itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, yellow polka-dot umbrella you brought from home. Wrong! Try again. Maybe this umbrella would suffice for a light shower in California, but not in this side-ways blowing, I lost the love of my life, Twister rain here. It would be wise to invest in a heavy duty umbrella. After chasing enough cheap and flimsy umbrellas up the sidewalk, you’ll value your decision. While the brass knuckle umbrella and the coffee loving umbrella are calling my name, I must ignore.

Sometimes an umbrella alone won’t get the job done. The rain poncho is your friend, even if the style police beg to differ. Cheap ponchos can be found in the campus book store and Amazon has nice options. It just depends on what type you're looking for. With it being so hot, no one wants to wear a rain jacket or poncho. Use one, the other, or none at all. It's at your discretion.